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So all your comments yesterday about your own relationships and things almost brought me to tears. I love hearing that people are so happy. I loved reading every comment left on the first q&a.

Also I know lots of you left questions about Kev and his camera and photography and things so He told me to tell you all he will do some special posts in the next month specifically about photography tips (lighting, composition, his camera, etc…) so get ready for it!!
Lets go on now to round 2! Here are the questions asked pertaining to Teaching:


1. What Grades to you teach?
I teach grade 9 thru grade 12. The classes are generally a mix of the 4 high school grades.

2. What classes do I teach?
I teach a total of 5 different classes during the day with 2 prep periods. I teach:
1. A Painting and Drawing class
2. A Sculpture and Ceramics class
3. A Graphic Design class
4. A Mixed Media class
5. A Senior Art Portfolio class

3. Did I always want to be a teacher?
I don’t know if I wanted to always be a teacher, but I did know I always wanted to do something with art. I just could not get enough art at home or at school growing up. I went to school my first year of college as a Graphic Design major and decided that sitting in front of a computer all day was not for me (kinda funny thought since I sit in front of the computer now to blog all the time).

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4. How did I become a teacher?
Well it is different for every state and country so if you are interested I would check with your own department of education but for me, I went to a 4 year college (Framingham State College) and graduated with a degree in Studio Art. I was an art ed. major at first but in Mass you don’t need to major in education to become a teacher so I dropped it to just studio art with a minor in art history. I knew that later in life I wanted to be a college professor, so just an art degree was a little better for that. Then I took my Teacher Test’s for MA. It consists of 2 tests. A subject test (for me art) and an English & Literacy test. Both were very hard but I passed on my first try which I was very excited about. That gives you a preliminary license for teaching in the state of MA. You then have to go on to teach for 3 years at one school and get your Masters degree in a designated amount of time to advance to a professional license. That is where I am in the steps. I need to start going back to school to get my MFA. I am quite excited about it though!!

5. What is my favorite thing about teaching?
My favorite thing about teaching art is that I am surrounded by art all day long. Its like a dream. I get to paint and draw just as much as the kids. I do all the projects along with them usually. I mean I always have examples already made but then I like to redo another one along with them. The second thing is the students. There are def. some students who make teaching hard but the ones who really enjoy your class and you can tell love to learn what you are teaching them warm my heart. They make it all worth it. I love the students. I get so attached to them- and invested in their lives and well being. Seeing kids who you have helped along the way graduate and get into college is a very rewarding feeling. I really feel like teachers are a huge influence in kids lives so I just hope everyday that I am doing a good job and can help in a positive way!

6. Pros/cons of teaching?
CONS: It is a lot of work. Teaching does not end at 2:30. People think its easy and will give you a hard time about your easy hours and lots of vacations. Its very draining and frustrating some days dealing with teenagers. You don’t get paid a lot and I really don’t enjoy all the School politics the go on.

PROS: You do get the summers off. Although people will poke fun- I don’t care what anyone says teachers deserve those summers. They need that time to regroup and relax so they don’t burn out. SNOW DAYS!, Students. Sometimes I have time to work on my own artwork.

7. What is my favorite lesson to teach?
My favorite lessons usually come from my mixed media class. I do this lesson where we go up to the elementary school and the kids get to pick out a story book that they want to recreate. We then learn about book making and different forms that can take. They then have to recreate their story by drawing out pictures and creating a tunnel book with 2 sides for telling their story. Sort of like these ones but ours have hard sides and a top and are a complete little box.

8. I got asked this one alot- Does anyone at school know about your blog?
The answer is NO!! and I would very much like to keep it like that. I don’t share very much about myself with the students. I share what I need to but other than that I keep that stuff private. I would feel really weird about the kids coming in and saying that they read about what I did over the weekend or knew where I was or where I would be going. There are a few student who I think would really enjoy it, but as soon as one knows they all would know, so I just keep it all private. Some know that I sell crafts online because sometimes I bring all my felt and stuff to make brooches during down times. The other teachers I work with don’t know either because I don’t really know any of them all that well. They are all a lot older than me and I really just like keeping that part private. A few times some kids have found me on facebook and asked to be my friend but I keep my page private and I deny them and then just tell them in school that it was nice they asked me but I can’t be their friends. Maybe when they leave for college.

9. How do I keep my clothes clean at school?
Not very well that’s for sure. I have ruined my fair share of clothes here at school. Some in catastrophic ways. haha. Imagine me shaking a huge bottle of turquoise glaze that some kid didn’t screw the top on and me being completely covered head to toe with it. I was not a happy camper. I now am a little better and checking tops before I shake things and wearing a smock if I really want to be careful. That’s also why I don’t buy things that are very expensive.

10. How does my fashion style work with being in a professional setting? What do the students think of my style?
I think it works just fine. Sometimes I will feel the looks from other teachers but I know its just cause my style is different than theirs. I am no way less professional looking then them. I am a young teacher and I feel like I always present myself in a respectful and tasteful way at school.

The kids for the most part don’t seem to care all the much because they are all to obsessed with abercrombie, uggs, and hollister. There are a few girls that really like how I dress, they always come up to me and tell me they like my outfits or ask where I shop and things. Its very sweet.

11. As a teacher how do you find time to do your own artwork? have energy? motivation for your own creative ambitions?
I think being an art teacher fosters that motivation. You are around art all day and I am always looking up artist and things for lesson plans. Its very inspiring for me. Energy is just something you need to give your self with good rest and have a drive to continue on when you get home instead of plopping down in front of the tv. Sometimes I will even stay at school longer after the day is over to work on my own stuff because its very easy to work here. There are no distractions. No TV, none of my stuff. You will find what works best for you.

  1. Aw Jen! You are supper dupper awesome!

  2. I second what Chelsea said! You definitely are!

  3. I agree, Teachers DESERVE the summers off. That’s awesome that you have a job that allows you to be creative and keep your creative juices flowing. Although I’m sure nothing would stop you from being that way anyway. Hope your day is going well. xo

  4. So fun! Thanks for answering all of that! And, I look forward to Kev’s tips on photography!!

  5. Such a fun post to read! I can totally relate to how rewarding parts of working with students. I am not a teacher, but I work in a tech department at a large university. I supervise around 15 college students who work in our computer labs or who do web development. I hire them as incoming freshmen and they usually work for me the entire time they are going to college. It’s such a rewarding experience to witness their transformation as they gain confidence and start achieving their goals. I get attached too, and I’m always sad when they graduate. I took this job for my interest in web design, but the students have wound up being my favorite part about what I do. 🙂

  6. You sound like a great teacher! I wish I had a cool art teacher like you when i was in school!

  7. Yet, another great post! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now! I love it! I especially love to hear about your job, because I’m an Art Teacher too. I have a very similar job actually. I teach High School Art and Graphic Design in Portland Oregon. I absolutely love your style and respect your ability to put yourself out there! I’d love to collaborate on a project sometime. 🙂 I’ll keep on reading your blog for inspiration! Thanks for posting.

  9. This post was absolutely amazing! I am studying early childhood education and dance, but generally I have a passion for teaching to anybody. It is so great to be surrounded by art all day because it is one of your passions, and I hope one day I could be surrounded by dance all day.

  10. So fascinating. Teaching is something I’d really like to do some time in the future. I’ll definitely come back to this post and read it again!

  11. Thanks Jen! Very inspiring and interesting to read! And oh my gosh do we neeed the vacays! My mom and sister say I can’t complain about my job since I get so much time off… but they have NO IDEA!!!!

    That’s awesome about Massachusetts not needing an education degree and then getting your masters. It kind of gives you the best of both worlds (teaching k-12 or college). I had to pick, and as you know I teach college. Right now I’m kind of wishing I went the k-12 route but I think that means going back to school for another 2 years and I’m student loaned out. Oh well, maybe one day.

    Thanks again for taking the time to give us a look into your life! Glad you’re feeling better!

  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I’m in High School right now, and I have seriously considered becoming a teacher, and more specifically, an art teacher. I feel like it would blend my two loves for teaching and art. It’s interesting to hear from other people about their experiences. 🙂

  13. Whoa..5 preps! Exhausting. I feel like I have two separate lives sometimes – my life with my fiance and the online world, and them my regular school career. I don’t think most of the people where I work even understand what a blog is.

    And yes, we do need the summers off!

  14. Wow, I’ve really loved your Q&A.

    I was an art studio major in college as well, and had really thought about becoming an art teacher. That’s pretty much my dream job! Unfortunately in California it’s really hard to become a teacher right now, and I’m not personally comfortable with the idea of doing art as a business. I’ve kinda picked the practical route of going to nursing school, and hoping to do art on the side, but you make such a good point about it being easier to do art when you’re surrounded by it everyday!

    Anyway my sister (who was also an art major) is now in my same position of trying to find a career that she loves. I will definitely be directing her to this post because it’s so inspiring! I know it’s weird to think that just talking about your job is inspiring, but it really is! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Jen,
    It’s reassuring to read that you’re able to keep your blog and carreer separate – that for me is the one reason why I don’t have a blog… my coworkers (I work in a big IT department) all like to google each other when they’re bored… But I guess if I use an alias I’ll be able to pull it off.
    I had art in junior high but it wasn’t that exciting, we only got drawing – without the actual ‘teaching’ part, it was just “draw this and keep quiet”. Art wasn’t even part of our high school curriculum, too bad. I remember I used to take these awesome art classes on Sundays back when I was in kindergarden, with really cool projects with clay and mobiles. But then we moved to another town and I was no longer able to go. I’d like to start doing something again, just not sure where to start. It’s so great that you’re able to do what you love for a living.

  16. This was very inspirational! Thanks for posting <3

  17. Great post- you’ve made me miss the art classroom! My dad taught art for 37 years, and he too loved to be surrounded by art all day, as well as being surrounded by the energy and creativity of the kids. His classroom was a magical, creative place! I’ve left the classroom for now, for the museum (which I absolutely love!), but sometimes I do miss the color, the excitement, and the constant creativity of the classroom. Thanks for sharing your excitement – it is catchy!

  18. So true about the holister, ugg and abercrombie. I wish I could shake my niece and tell her there is so much more out there, but she will learn soon enough. It’s nice that there are some girls who like your outfits. I work in a pretty professional environment and I get looks from older women all the time. I don’t dress unprofessional at all, just dif. than them. It used to be annoying, but now I don’t care. I had a boss tell me that I got an average rating on my yearly review for appearance because I was too “Gap Girl” and that older people at the bank would probably not take me seriously. I was furious! I take alot of pride in the way I look… Also, “Gap Girl” isn’t an insult and she thought it was.
    Anyway, thanks for the Q&A. Love your blog!

  19. I think its fantastic that you’re young, stylish and teaching art and design to youth. Youth really need inspiring role models and the best place to start is in school.

    Love your blog!!


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