A New Year & some New Goals!

So first off I have to say I have loved every single comment that has been left in the “A new Years coming” post! It has been great getting to know all your names and learn a little about each of you. I am gathering up all the great questions and will be answering them all thru the week. I will group them into sections of Fashion and Beauty, The Blog+photography, Kev and Me, and work.


Kev and me have some really big and exciting things happening in 2010!! We are dreaming big, so I want to share some of my Goals with you for the new year. I don’t really like calling them resolutions because I feel like those are so fleeting. No one sticks to “resolutions” well at least I don’t. I more have themes that I want to carry thru my life this year…

1. My NUMBER ONE goal this year is to de-stress my life. I do not want stress to play a major role in my day to day. This came about because of the last few month. I have been so overly stressed and I have really seen the toll it takes on my life. This means I need to:
-say no
-organize my weeks
-let the little stuff go
-realize what is most important

Stress is such a negative factor in peoples lives. I do think there is good stress but I am talking unnecessary stress. I just want to really live my life to the fullest and enjoy every moment and I don’t want it filled with negativity.

2. Enjoy more time with Kev. We are both very very busy people and this year we really really want to make time for each other. We have always made time but this year I want that to be a major priority. This again means both of us need to learn to say “No” to stuff. It also goes along with de-stressing. Its hard when months out we have things booked for every weekend and can’t see a free weekend for just us in sight. So we are trying to not have it like that this year.

3. I want to stick to a good budget.

4. I want to stop comparing myself which in turn I know will leave me more stress free. If you are a blogger you know that it is very hard putting yourself out there each day. Now it is something I love doing but it is hard not to get caught up in the whole numbers game of it. I want to stop focusing so much on how many readers, and how many comments and why this person’s better or why more people like her. This is not fair to myself or those other people. I love jenloveskev and I want it to continue to be bigger and better every day but I want my reason behind it to stay pure and for enjoyment. I don’t want it to make me doubt myself or give me stress over it. I started this blog because I love fashion and I love people. Hearing from you guys about how you can relate and hearing all your personal stories is why I love this blog. It really has nothing to do with the exact number that follow. If I still love doing it then that’s why I will continue.

5. I want to make more art. I had 2 art shows last year, one with all new art and one with some older pieces. I would like to have 2 new shows again this year but both with new art. I have tons of ideas that I am really excited about.

6. I want to focus on eating as healthy as possible. I do think I am already a pretty healthy eater but I want to do better. I def. think becoming a vegetarian has changed me over the last couple years but I really want to be conscious of everything that I put in my body.

7. I want to spend more time getting involved in my church and the things that I believe. I want to volunteer more in ways that will benefit others. I don’t know what those things are yet but I want to help people more.

8. I want to run another marathon (hopefully 2)

What are your goals for 2010?

  1. You’re so ambitious! Running a full marathon has always been a dream of mine! But, I completed two half marathons last year and I just don’t think I could ever do a full 26! After 13, my body aches! I hope you blog about your training! Hearing about other people accomplishing fitness goals helps to keep me motivated!

  2. Great goals! I love reading other people’s goals and they’re always great. Good luck – can’t wait to read more about your progress.

  3. Amen to your goals. Especially #4. I really need to remind myself that blogging is my hobby and joy and I don’t want to be a slave to numbers. Hard though.
    Happy New Year! Thanks for making your blog a fun, stylish and positive place! I love that!

  4. This is going to sound strange, but I’ve tried many times to eliminate the actual words “stress, stressful and stressing out” from my vocabulary. It’s hard and a bit…stressful, but I think if I can do it in the long run it’ll be helpful. You should try it!

  5. I love your new life goals, I too struggle with New Year’s resolutions they seems so temporary and because of this I start to slack on these goals and justify that they were New Year’s resolutions and 80 percent of the resolutions people make for new years don’t last longer than 3 months. If I say they are life goals it holds more meaning to me and I make a better commitment.

    Goal 1: I too need to de-stress, I think the 17 year old version of me would slap the 24 year old version of me if they were to ever meet.

    Goal 3- and 4: I need to work on a better budget. I have a decent salary however this does not reflect in my bank account, I started my blog to help me learn out to stretch my clothes (I spend way too much in this area and never seem to have anything to wear) Yet I catch myself wondering at night always at night “Why don’t I have more blog friends” “How can I change things to make it more interesting” I have the same thoughts and concerns as you do about yours. I really have to remember it’s a place for me to share and to learn more about my closet.

    I’m so glad to hear there are others that feel the same way. I can’t wait to follow along and see how you cope and make the changes you need to accomplish your life goals.

  6. great goals, jen! so inspiring! i spent a lot of time this past year trying to de-stress, and i feel like i made major strides, but still have a long way to go. i have sooooo much going on in 2010, that it’s going to be hard not to stress, but that will always be a major goal for me b/c i am, by nature, a high stress person.

    fyi…i’m going to be in albany 1.30 – 2.3. would you be free to meet up for a drink/dinner/whatever?

  7. Charlotte Walsh •

    Hi Jen, this is a good idea – goals is a much better word for them! I like your de-stressing one, that is something I’m hoping to try this year too. I think you are right about saying no to things, it’s about striking a balance.

    My big goal is to write a novel, I’ve been planning one for ages and this year I’m going to be really strict with myself and set aside time to write it each week (this is on top of a normal 9 to 5 job), so hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a finished manuscript, and I’ll see where I can take it from there. I figure that if you set yourself goals that you really want to achieve, then you will make sure you do. Good luck with yours, I look forward to hearing how you get on!

  8. I love your goals, and many of them are similar to what I’d like to do as well. Stress is a big one that I have needed to work on for ages, I bring a lot of stress upon myself with stretching myself too thin, and I need to work on that.

    I also totally can relate to #4, not only in the blogging world, but also in life in general. I hate being someone who is always lusting after what other people are doing or have, I need to be thankful for all the great things I have going on, and focus more on myself than what everyone else is doing.

  9. Great goals. I identify with the de-stressing, stop comparing yourself, and eating healthy. I just can’t believe you compare yourself to other bloggers! You are uber talented and one of the best fashion bloggers out there! It is nice to know that you feel that way, I know I do. Also for the healthy eating have you thought of going vegan? It’s really not as scary as it sounds and since I’ve been doing it I feel really really great! A kind Diet is a great book to get you started and http://www.thekindlife.com has a great network of support! Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to more jenloveskev in 2010!

  10. that picture of you and kev makes me smile. you two are adorable 🙂
    and those are lovely goals, especially the first one about de-stressing your life. it’s something i have to work on too (and probably most people in the world). learning to simplify your life and just saying no has got to be one of the most challenging things to do out there.
    good luck with all of your goals! this is a really inspiring post!

  11. aw i think every feels that #4 sometimes and asks themselves in a panicked way “why isn’t mine as _____ as _____?”
    even though this happens to me, from an outsider’s perspective, i admire and enjoy jenloveskev and think about what a creative and interesting blog you write, what beautiful photos you take, how inventive you are with how you dress. as a reader, i’m not comparing you to anyone else, but enjoying feeling like i see some side of you through your blog that is inspiring and interesting to me and that brightens my day.
    i wish there were a magic formula to stop obsessing about things like that–if you find it, let me know!–but until then, i am so much enjoying your own individual posts and art and food and fashion.

  12. I definetly like your resolutions and I have to say that 2 of yours are mine as well…

    1. I want to volunteer more. I may not have a whole lot but what I do have I am thankful for and I want to be willing to help others more. My husband is on board with this one as well so I think we can keep each other in check and hold each other accountable.

    2. I want to run a marathon to help others (i.e. breast cancer, march of dimes, something like that). Its a big one for me because I don’t work out at ALL! Plus i’m horrible at running, but my husband is going to help and train with me. He used to run track all through high school and college and loves to run but just doesn’t do it anymore so we are gonna run a marathon together!

    Those are the only 2 goals that I have for sure. Have a blessed week!

  13. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is great because of how much you invest & reach out to your readers. It’s easy to just say to the world ‘This is me. Aren’t I awesome?’ But as you mentioned, there are so many gals blogging out there about the same things so it’s easy to get jealous. I know that I struggle with this in my own blogging endeavors.

  14. Jen, I enjoyed reading your goals for 2010…you two are a great couple and I enjoy reading your blog because we are the same age and both married …and LOVE fashion of course 😉
    My goals consist of my #1: to growi closer in my walk with the Lord Jesus and work harder at not compromising my faith…along with consistancy in my morning bible studies. #2: Our budget is a constant goal to maintain as we strive to get our first house very soon. #3 that my husband ‘s career as a stuntman would have great success this year! #4…..among our lovely dogs we call children, I would love to get pregnant this year with our FIRST =) there are more goals that are still floating in my head.
    Thanks for the oppoturnity to share!

  15. I love this image, it’s so great!

    These are great goals – I can really relate to them – especially one, two, four, five, and six. I am not the healthiest vegetarian and I want that to change!

    My goals are to finish every sewing or art project that I begin, and to be less stressed.

  16. Excellent goals. I recently tripped onto your blog, and I love it. It is an inspiration as a teacher who sometimes allows herself to be frumpy fashion wise. That leads to the first of my goals:

    1. Spend more time dressing for success!

    2. Buy and fix up a house with my hubby!

    3. Budget and save more money

    4. Blog on a regular basis on my personal and teaching blog


  17. What great, great goals. I especially like the ‘stop comparing myself’ one. That’s a brilliant goal and one I’m going to steal and use as my own! I’m constantly comparing myself to others and it gets me down. Thank you, Jen! 🙂

  18. This looks like a great list – I get hives just thinking about those times when I don’t see an empty weekend for WEEKS on end – that is a critical thing for maintaining my sanity… and it is a really good idea to get this all down on the blog so you can reflect back on it!

    Good job!

  19. it’s like reading my own goal list!! you must be reading my mind 🙂 especially #1 & #4. i definitely need to work on de-stressing. my plan is to once again try incorporating meditation & yoga in my life…i find though it’s always the first thing to go once i get busy!

    and i’m with you – i need to stop comparing myself….it’s such an awful thing to do. i’m new at blogging and I’ve found it’s especially hard because you do wonder why you don’t get comments or readers, etc, etc. And then this leads to the inevitable comparing! but i think that’s where i have to go back to what is important to me and just focus on those things!

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  20. thank you for your comment recently. a great blog too. your comment on comparing/followers/number of comments etc was interesting. i really think too many bloggers are in the game purely as a popularity contest instead of enjoying it for what it is – so i’m with you on that one! happy new year to you!

  21. these are such realistic, healthy, and inspiring goals! well done you. i am also trying to stick to a budget and save money this year! i just loved reading this whole thing.

  22. Great goals. I think I’m with you on the making more art. Except that I have never actually made anything that could be exhibited… it’s so cool that you’ve had that opportunity.

    I’m excited to see what you come up with 🙂

  23. Céline •

    Hi Jen,
    There are several months that I read you every day and it is the very first time I comment one of your post. You are soo inspiring.
    Congrats for your goals and I hope you will make it. You seems to be a great and lovely person!
    Thank you for your “Joie de Vivre” and sorry for my english mistakes …

    Céline, a french girl from somewhere in France!

  24. I am SO with you on de-stressing this year. My number one goal is to simplify. And I know that worrying about blogging has a lot to do with that, which is dumb. Blogging should just be fun, right? Not that my little blog is very exciting, but I still spend too much time worrying about it. AND I want to run a marathon this year, too! I’m sure you will do great with your goals.

  25. that is so funny- i just did a post about my goals for 2010 – i dont like the word resolution either! I love what you wrote! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  26. Stress can be so consuming for teachers! I’m saying this as I’m avoiding my school work for the evening. 🙂

  27. These are all really admirable goals, and I wish you the best in achieving them! I don’t know about you, but I have often worked through some major stress and other demons on my runs, especially my long runs.

    I love your blog and really enjoy your posts!

  28. It’s great to be reading and inspired by someone who acknowledges God in their life and want to help people more. My husband and I are active in our church as well and I often am surprised by the number of people our age who don’t know what they believe or just don’t care. I salute you on these goals and will be here rooting you on in the coming year as you make them happen. GO JEN!

  29. Your goals are so admirable. I especially like the blog-related ones. I struggle with comparing myself to other people, too, and the blog world is no different. But you are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites!

  30. Those are great goals. Will definitely set some for myself.:-)

    I’ve been using a web-based app called GoalsOnTrack. It’s very effective in helping you keep focused and getting things done. You may want to give it a try: http://www.goalsontrack.com

  31. these are some great goals! good luck with them, and don’t forget to slow down!

  32. I hear you on number 4. I just started and I already find myself making the comparisons and obsessing over my states. It’s silly!

    And yay for marathon! You are my hero. I was going to train for a half this year but chickened out and settled for another 10k. Someday though. Someday.


  33. congrats jen! you’re one of the journal giveaway winners. send me an email with your address so i can mail it out to you!

    p.s. i think those are great goals! good luck with the resolutions.

  34. Our goals sounds really similar – my key word for this year is ‘focus’. I also want to de-stress, say no and let the little things go, and focus on 3 things: my family and husband (this also includes my best friends who are like family); my health and running; and my writing (my dissertation at this point). I’m vowing to do less and just do it better. I have a hard time saying no and not packing my schedule to the brim, but I’m trying to take a different approach this year that will hopefully make me enjoy the things I truly love and feel like I have enough time to excel at them, while letting go some of the things that I don’t have time for right now, no matter how enticing they may be.

    Good luck with your goals, I look forward to continued readership in 2010! S.

  35. Hey Jen, Happy new year!
    I don’t really do resolutions, I have a list of ongoing life goals on http://www.43things.com. This year I plan to focus on the following:
    1) Visit China. I wanted to do this in 2009 but the crisis hit the company I work for pretty hard and I didn’t get a bonus. So I decided to play it safe and wait. But it wasn’t that good in retrospect, working extremely hard for an entire year with no playtime just plain stinks. So China, here I come!
    2) Bring more home-made lunches to work. This is to improve my cooking, control my weight, and because I’m just plain tired of the greasy cafetaria food.
    3ish) and the upcoming weeks I’d like to lose the weight I put on during the holidays – this happens every year.
    January is actually a very inspiring month for me, reading about other people’s goals, so I may add some more later 🙂 some things in the running are: start a blog, take bollywood dancing classes, find a new (and better) appartment,…

  36. Your goals are great! and I know you will reach them! good luck!

    I definitely will start eating better and exercising more this year.. other than that my goals are a daily thing I give myself haha every day is different

  37. I completely can relate to every word and goal you’re setting for yourself. I definitely need to learn how to handle stress too and that usually helps by spending time with your husband, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone! I also need to stick to a good budget (stress reducer), not compare myself to other gorgeous bloggers and run and do art. I feel like I can totally relate to you.. I love it. Plus you’re so nice and down to earth. Thanks for this blog. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads.

  38. Complain less!
    & move out

  39. i want to get your complete outfit! loving the gray, yellow, black combo!

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