Teacher Style File 12.22.09

Anyone listen to the John Denver Muppets Christmas Cd? Well I also love that cd- it makes me think of being a kid. I couldn’t help myself from singing over and over last night while we were taking these pictures “Christmas is coming, the geese is getting fast, please to put a penny in the old man’s hat.”

Only today and tomorrow left of school! Yippie. I wanted to dress a little christmasy yesterday so I wore this green skirt I found at the goodwill a little while ago. I kept it just to green and not red and green because I didn’t want to get too crazy christmasy. I really like how the outfit came together. I wore a bow belt around my waist and loaded up on some jewelry. 2 of the gold chains I got at the goodwill as well but one is my new christmas present from one of my good friends.


Polka Dot Cardigan: Delias $15
Green Skirt: Goodwill $2.99
Bow Belt: Forever 21 $6
Necklaces: Gift and goodwill
Bracelets: Forever 21 $10
Fishnets: Target $6
Flats: Steve Madden $40

  1. I love the polka dots! And even more I love the polka dots mixed with a fun color like that green.

  2. michelle w •

    i think this is one of my very favorite outfits of yours! love it

  3. i love it!!!! you look great! (as usual)

  4. I love how you mixed the black and white polka dots with the intense green skirt. Very fun and festive


  5. love it! the green skirt looks so modern with the cardigan! i love that bow belt, but i already said that!!!!

  6. that is definitely my favorite christmas album, and also reminds me of being a kid. also love the outfit!

  7. Love this outfit. every year i sing that song and anth looks at me like i’m nuts. LOL. I love that cd, gotta dig it out. And every year i call my tree “Alfie” Miss u!

    What’s a hay penny anyway? πŸ˜‰

  8. You look super pretty in this outfit! I love it.

    I’m jealous of your last days at school. The days before Christmas were always my favorite as a kid, too.

  9. This skirt is perfect! It is Christmasy but not to flashy or anything. Huge fan of your blog!


  10. I love the photo of you in polka dots with the couch and polka dot pillow in the background! It is just so subtly perfect!! Tell Kev good job πŸ™‚

  11. I freaking love this outfit combi! Very nice, love the green and accessories and the polkadots!

  12. Oh, this outfit is so cute! ‘Love the skirt + belt!

  13. Cute outfit for sure!

    Question: How do you keep all your accessories organized? My necklaces are hanging, but bracelets and many earrings are all a-jumble.

  14. You look so 50’s chic here! I LOVE that bow belt. How do you find such great stuff at goodwill? Do you go all the time? Or just get lucky?

  15. Gorgeous polka dot blouse! and lovely jewelry!!

  16. Such a beautiful outfit! This week was red and/or green week at my office, so I’ve been trying to find interesting combinations without screaming “holidays”. I love your green skirt here.

  17. i’m in love with this outfit! you have just the right amount of christmas in your look. i can’t get enough of the polka dots with the skirt πŸ™‚

  18. omg. I lovvvvvvvvve it. saving this one for inspiration.

  19. Gorgeous skirt, Jen! You look so pretty and so perfect.

    Happy Holidays!


  20. John Dever has a CD with muppets?? How did I not know this?

  21. Classy! Nice outfit πŸ™‚

  22. That is the funnest skirt I’ve ever seen!!! πŸ™‚

  23. love it. also love how you have a scheduled day for postings. smart thinking!

  24. Love this look! I have an off-topic request: Can you do a post on your hair? Each time I see a post from you in google reader I think: she has great hair, her fringe is perfect, I want a fringe like that, I wonder if she cuts it herself? You get the point. Share your hair secrets, pretty please?

  25. I love this! The belt is perfect with it!

  26. Really cute outfit!
    And I love that CD too! A classic for my family. (My husband thought I was crazy when I first played it, but he’s become a fan now as well.) πŸ™‚

  27. Pretty pretty pretty! It’s unbearably cold here at the moment – I wish my office was warm enough to wear something this cute!

  28. Adorable accessories! And that polka dot cardi is so cute on you. Lovely as always!

  29. I swear- you have the most amazing jewelry!!! Love the polka dots with the teal, too!

  30. This is one of my favorite all time outfits. Really, really super cute and a great way to look Christmasy without really being tacky.

  31. Awesome outfit – could wear this to the office during spring/autumn πŸ™‚ Actually pretty much any season – Merry Christmas!

  32. This outfit is perfect! It is a little bit festive, and super chic. I love it.

  33. I adore your necklaces. I’ve been looking for a skirt like that! You look beautiful. Annie.

  34. Oooh love this! That skirt is so pretty.

  35. This looks awesome! Love this one! S.

  36. I love everything about this outfit, esp. the awesome jewelry; every single piece of it.

    Have an awesome holiday!!

  37. this outfit is fabulous! the green and polka dots are perfect!

    Merry Christmas Jen πŸ™‚

  38. I just discovered your blog and I love it. Can’t wait to read more about it.

  39. Uuuhhh! I really like this! I have two polka dot tops I NEVER wear… thanks for the ideas, I will definitely try this look sometime!


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