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haha so we are listening to Grandma got run over by a Reindeer right now in class. I love this song. I also love school days before a big break. Everyone is in a good mood and everything is so relaxed!! Only 2 more days!!! I can not even begin to explain how excited we are to go away!! I can’t wait to be blasting the Hanson Christmas cd and dancing around the kitchen with my sister embarrassing Kev that we actually own and love a Hanson cd!! I talked to my sister last night and her and my mom had just gotten to my parents house in FL. Lucky!! We were worried they wouldn’t make it because of all the snow. My sister was coming from Baltimore they got hit pretty bad, but they made it and all is well.

Ok on to outfit post! Here is what I wore yesterday to go to church, lunch with friends, hang out with kev, and some last min. shopping. I love sundays. I also love the color of this jacket. I got it to wear in France last April and have not really wore it a ton since. I don’t know why either- I like it a lot. I think I am going to bring it back in the mix. I do like this outfit a lot but I don’t think I would wear it to school, well I would just wear a different skirt. The skirt is a little too short for school.

This is also a little sneak peak at a room in our new place. As you can see its our bedroom. Someday when we feel settled I will share some pictures. There is still stuff to hang and unpack. I will be posting a few christmasy home shots in the next couple days.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Blue Jacket: Banana Republic Outlet $40
White Blouse: H&M $8
Tights: Taget $6
Necklace: Charlotte Russe $8
Flats: Steve Madden $40

  1. Beautiful color on the jacket! And I love the necklace too!

    Sounds like you have a fun class..! You must be the cool teacher 🙂

  2. love this look!! i love that shade of blue.
    p.s- i love the look of your bedroom- do you live in an old victorian? those floors remind me of the house i grew up in.

  3. its actually in an old mill building. The floors are all original- they are very gorgeous! We love them!

  4. That blue is stunning on you! What a perfect outfit! Love!
    And your loft looks reeediculously stylish as well!
    Have fun dancing to Hanson! Matt’s been playing Roy Orbison for days, I could use some Hanson to break that up….

  5. Those tights are such fun!

  6. oh my word, this outfit is perfect. i adore those tights. neeeeed them. i would like to find those in my stocking on christmas morning. could you let my husband know? hehe.

  7. Those tights, that jacket, the necklace! =] Your outfit is so cute and lovely, and that’s stunning!

    Have fun with Hanson!

  8. ahh i LOVE that jacket! and the tights! and your HAIR! are you naturally blessed with those curls or did you curl them yourself? i’m so tired of my plain, straight hair!

  9. Love this! The color of that jacket is stunning! And I love the bit of the room that we can see – those hardwood floors and that ceiling! I can’t wit for the unveiling of the decor. S.

  10. Cute outfit – I love the patterned tights.

  11. ok ok you twisted my arm….Hanson made my favorite Christmas cd of all time! I love it and it is the ONLY cd I listen to all Christmas season…and a little Jessica Simpson too! Ugh, embarassing I know I am such a teenie bopper! However, I am glad you share in my love for the Hanson Christmas album.

  12. I love your jacket, that blue brings so much cheer to a cold winter day.

  13. Tammy Wesolowski •

    Love your tights. Do you color your hair? I am a brunette like you and I love your shade.

  14. Right now I am my natural color.

    also my hair is naturally wavey but I curled this a little more with a curling iron.

  15. I just got so excited that someone else loves the Hanson christmas cd too! My husband always makes fun of me for it. Your new apt. looks awesome!

  16. love your ceiling! 😉

  17. I can’t wait to go away for Christmas either! It’s so much fun to be back in the family home with your siblings, acting like children all over again! Hope you have a fab time.

    You look lovely, too!

  18. This jacket is gorgeous! I love the color, it’s stunning.

  19. Such a darling jacket and that blue just pops!

  20. I hope you guys made it to WARM and SUNNY florida ok- I’ve been hearing crazy things about the weather further south!

  21. that jacket is fantastic, the color is just stunning. and i completely forgot about hanson, those were the days haha 😛

  22. I love those tights and that blue jacket is simply fantastic!

  23. I like your outfit (and think I might have those tights) but I LOVE your bed. Where did you get it?

  24. this is such a pretty look, i love it!

  25. Brittany •

    Great outfit! And you shouldn’t be embarrassed, the Hanson Christmas CD is awesome 🙂

  26. Adorable.. that jacket is so lovely. The color is perfect on you!

  27. i love the ceilings in your bedroom!

  28. I love everything you are wearing — the tights, the necklace… that blue jacket!

    Your new place looks simply amazing. I can’t wait to see more pics.

  29. what a cute jacket!!

  30. Oh wow, I LOVE that outfit, it is SO cute!!

  31. Beautiful jacket! And, I have a college friend that recently went to a Hanson concert, so it’s all cool! Annie.

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