Its Christmas Party Time

So every year for the past 4 years Kev and me have had a themed Christmas party. The first one (I have no pictures) was called “Kev and Jen’s Rocking Thrift store extravaganza” everyone came dressed it the most ridiculous red and green outfits they could put together from the thrift store. It was awesome!!

The next year (2006) we thought it would be awesome to have a murder mystery party. So when we fell home for the holidays from Hawaii we had our “Murder at the Four Deuces” party. It was a game pack we had bought- with characters and storylines and clues and all kinds of stuff. It was set in the flapper era so we had a lot of great costumes at that one. It was so fun. Kev was the one that got killed. haha.

The next year (2007) we had a Zombie Christmas Party. You were to come as some sort of zombie- we were planning on filming a zombie movie that night but we ended up just having a major photoshoot with everyone. We had a homemaker zombie, an artist zombie, a Christmas tree zombie (me), a pregnant (fake) zombie, and then just some everyday zombies. Everyone’s makeup was awesome.

Last year because Christmas just got to busy before hand we ended up having a New Years party. We decided to have it themed as well. Everyone was to come dressed as a decade or time period. We had the 20’s, the 50’s, the 60’s the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, some newsies, and me and Kev were way back in history and were Caesar and Cleopatra.

This year we are having another New Years party- but because we are flying home from FL that day and will probably be getting in to the apt. the moment everyone shows up, its going to be a little more laid back. But the thought of not having a themed party is a little sad. Anyone have any ideas?? Let me hear them if you do!!! What was your favorite themed party you went too?

  1. I love theme parties! my last birthday party was space themed, and it worked really well. everyone had cool and funny costumes; aliens, spacemen, shooting stars. or you could do a super heroes theme! I’ve always wanted to try that.

  2. Love this! Themes are fun. My current favorite is the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”. That one seems to be pretty popular these days.

    I just attended a holiday tea + dessert social. It was in the evening though. Everyone dressed super cool, with hats, ties, dresses.

  3. I love how creative you guys are, even at your parties! I LOVE theme parties!!!

  4. you could do something simple and clean…like a ‘white’ party like P.Diddy does lol. where everyone has to wear ALL white…or you could do black. Then have black silver and gold decorations that would fit in with a New Years theme.

  5. We had a “Meatloaf (the Man and the Food)” party last year that included a meatloaf cook off, Bat Out of Hell on rotation, Rocky Horror in the background, and costumes that represented things we wouldn’t do for love. Too fun!

  6. We had a “Mix Up Party”, everyone came in crazy mix-matched outfits, crazy hair, and makeup. Then we had a mix up dinner….You ever heard of those? The menu is all in wingdings font so people dont know what order they will get their food. They may get soup first, but they dont have a spoon! You have to order utensils, appetizer, salad, soup, main dish, and dessert. I know it’s a lot of work, but so much fun!!

    Another year we had a “Hobo Party” everyone dressed up as homeless people (my uncle came in a cardboard box!) we cooked up hotdogs, burger, baked potatoes, and corn, put them in individual tin foil and then put them in a huge trash bag (right before we were about to eat so everything was still hot) then the hobos had to dig through the garbage can for food!!! It was a hoot!

  7. Prom Flashback perhaps? All sorts of wonderfully horrific choices!

  8. I threw a Mad Men themed party a few months ago. Prohibition party also is good fun.

  9. I am so so so jealous. This is exactly the kind of stuff Brett and I like to do.. and all of our friends are lame! You’re so lucky! I love this!

  10. a second vote for a mad men party! or maybe something more new years related. like bring something somehow representative of your new years resolution?

  11. oh man – i’ve been dreaming of theme parties!
    + 1950’s Christmas party theme, with fifties-type clothes and food (deviled eggs, punch bowl, cheez whiz…). i guess this is like a mad men party?
    + a friend is hosting a giant-themed party for new years this year, where all the food and utensils are miniature, so we’ll feel like giants. i’m not sure what you wear for that though…
    + wedding theme – everyone wears suits or bridesmaid outfits or weddings dresses that they have or find at a thrift store. it would be fun to see what people had! i know my mom has some great ones from the eighties.

  12. Ahh, I love themed parties and yours seem like so much fun! The easiest theme party for NYE this year would be a beauty kings and queens party. Everyone just has to dress up in something nice. Then, have sashes and markers and everyone can pick what their title is. I went to one of these and I was “Miss-take me for your mom”!

  13. I have always had lots of fun at letter parties! The hosts pick a letter of the alphabet, and everyone shows up dressed as something of their choosing that begins with that letter. The best iteration I’ve seen was an XYZ party where there was a zipper, a Yakuza member, someone dressed as “youthful,” etc. Really open for interpretation!

  14. Last summer we threw a “Dressing Party” — Everyone choose to dress as a dressing… Honey Mustard (Bee with a mustard cap stinger), Western (cowboy), Ceaser (toga), House dressing (a giant house), Extra Virigin Olive Oil.. you can get really creative! It was a blast!! All of our food was salad/dressing themed too 🙂

  15. I’m late with this, but the most fun I had at a theme party was the ‘bad taste’ party – eveyrbody got dressed up in the most ridiculous outfit they could put together, great conversation starter too.

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