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So I actually have some new artwork to show you guys! I have been really really busy the last couple weeks and this is def. a big part of it. Kev and me go to a non-denominational church in Troy called Terra Nova (Kev designed the site!). We really love it there. They have a huge focus on the community around the church as well as the arts. The church owns a gallery that they open to local artists and participate in troy night out and open studio nights. Kev and me had an exhibit there together last June.

Anyways, they asked me if I would want to create a series of paintings for the advent christmas season. Each sunday starting with the last week in November was a special sermon gearing up to Christmas eve. Focusing one week each on Love, Hope, Peace, Joy and then christmas eve itself. Even if you don’t share the same faith I think we can all agree that we all want love, hope, joy and peace in our lives. I was really happy to help out and create these paintings. Each one was used in the service as Ed (our pastor) gave the sermon.

Here is a picture of it up on the screen as the band played. We meet at Revolution Hall an old music hall in Troy. Its pretty cool. (Picture from one of our pastors)


Here is my artwork…

So I guess with this also comes my apologizes for being way behind on emailing back people and coming to visit everyones blogs. I have not forgotten I just have not had time as you can sort of see. I am counting down the days until we leave for FL and I can wake up each morning take my laptop outside and sit on the lani and reply back and leave comments to everyone. I love doing that stuff!!

So if you leave comments- leave a URL if you have one and I most def. will be visiting very very soon as well as email back a lot of people!!

  1. Oh Jen, I really LOVE your art! It is so inspiring, and touching. You are so creative and talented. I dont want to say I am envious, especially on a post about the birth of Christ……but maybe I am a little…

  2. I LOVE this series. Are you going to reproduce it or sell it? Its so inspiring and just captures the ideas so well.

  3. your work is amazing and a blessing to everyone who sees it! it’s so wonderful that you’re using your God given gift to glorify Him. Merry Christmas, Jen.

  4. These are beautiful! My grandmother would love them. haha.

  5. Jen, your church sounds a lot like mine and another here in Raleigh, NC. I’m so glad that the love of Christ is being preached and told in such creative ways all over our country! Your art is beautiful but the message is the most important and you portrayed that in a very bold way. I love your use of text; my whole senior show was all about infusing text in my textile art.

    Your blog is so inviting and inspiring, and thanks for sharing your faith. We should all be so bold and glorify His Name. Keep up the great work!!

    Have fun in FL!! We went there last year the week after Christmas and I’m so wishing we were going again. Soak up the sun and the peace!!

    Merry Christmas!


  6. You are so talented! I love these paintings. I know you’re super busy but you should make some paintings and sell them on etsy! I know a lot of people who would love to buy your artwork!

  7. These are really really great. WOW! I love seeing this almost comic book interpretation.

    Well done.

  8. WOW. I love these, so unique, you usually don’t see christian art quite like this, I love it!

  9. Jen – they are gorgeous – I love the incorporation of words into images – that appeals to me so much… they are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. yay! our church also encourages art, which is very important for us. we go to a big church because the speaker is sooo good. his name is tim keller. he is pretty famous, got books out, and he is AMAZING. if you want to hear good sermons, you can get those online too!

  11. emily f. •

    Ooh I love love love that Mary painting! Are you gonna sell these? I need it for my collection! 😉

  12. wow! beautiful, beautiful. we used to attend a church that had an artist painting during each service. it really made the service multidimensional. creating beauty is a facet of worship that a lot of people miss out on because it’s not…the norm, i guess. but i think it’s great to recognize that not everyone worships best through song. i love this series.

  13. oh my goodness, jen!!! these paintings are AMAZING!!! what a beautiful, wonderful thing you’ve created!!!

  14. you are so creative! i love the look of the series. is this made on paper with watercolors and such? or on the computer? either way they are awesome!

  15. Wow, this is the first I have heard of a nondenominational church. It sounds great. Beautiful work!

  16. Jen,

    This is the first time I have seen your work and I LOVE it! Really. I stopped and looked at each painting and it hit me. I hope that your church was as moved by your art as I am. Maybe one day you will put some of it the shop so we can all enjoy it 🙂


  17. These paintings are really incredible. I don’t share the same faith, but I certainly agree that these are attributes I would love to have in my life and the world in general. You are very talented and should be very , very proud of yourself. These are beautiful!

  18. Your artwork is amazing… you are so so so talented!

  19. What a wonderful way to dwell in God’s grace! You have an amazzzzzing spiritual gift!!

  20. What beautiful work. And what inspiring thoughts!

  21. those are beautiful. I’m glad your church is making use of its talented artists 🙂

  22. this art is absolutely amazing! when do you find time to do this? 🙂 you are so talented.

    first, as asked above, are you going to reproduce or sell these?

    second, is your church an acts 29 church? is that mark driscoll’s deal? seems like an awesome church.

  23. These are beautiful, Jen! I’ve been feeling so far away from Christmas this year as I have finals up until the 23rd, so I haven’t really gotten in the spirit. Your gorgeous paintings are just what I needed to see!

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