Teacher Style File 12.16.09

Have you ever seen that Snow Leopard documentary on discovery channel? Its awesome- they are awesome. I think I was channeling my inner snow leopard yesterday with this outfit. I like this white skirt with its bold and graphic animal print. I guess I was also feeling a little pattern mixing with a mustard yellow polka dot shirt as well.


Mustard Button Up: Target $4.98
Leopard Skirt: Target $4.98
Belt: Forever 21 $5.80
Tights: H&M $6
Flats: Steve Madden $40
Bracelets: Thrift store $4
Mustard Yellow Bow Gloves: Target $20

  1. I think this is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve seen you wear. I LOVE it!

  2. great outfit!

  3. I love your gloves, they are too cute. I love that you are silly in your pictures. A lot of style bloggers are so serious and it’s refreshing to see someone be goofy.

  4. Its hard for me to be serious when I am getting my picture taken. I just want to start laughing all the time. Fashion should be fun right??!!

    so what not really channel your inner snow leopard. haha

  5. Love the patern mixing-its perfect and not over the top. Love it, love the inspiration.

  6. Kaherine •

    One of my favorite outfits yet– so fun! I love the print of the skirt–the fit of it is great as well. And, of course, gotta love the pop of color on your nails! I’m in college studying to be an English teacher, and I hope that I can dress as fun as you do!

  7. I adore this look! Hope you weren’t out there in the snow for too long!

  8. Holy moly…these photos are great! Your outfit is so dang cute and you’re just adorable! (I’m jealous that you have snow where you live. We got nothing but rain so far here in Oregon.)

  9. Your pattern mixing is the kind I can definitely understand.

  10. I’m in love with this outfit! Totally love the mustard with the animal prints, and those gloves are awesome!!! 🙂 So fabulous as always!

  11. hahah! i LOVE it all! you are just adorable! everything about this makes me happy!

  12. woOoO.. i love ur skirt.. and color of ur nailss! amazing blog… i love it!!

    visit my blog & follow me! =;-D



  13. best outfit everrrrrr! polka dots and animal print were just MADE for each other. especially in these colors.

  14. Ha! Love the gloves, I have been eyeing those! Such a cute blouse with a fierce skirt!

  15. great finds! i love this! so cute with the dots and animal print. fun!

  16. Love the skirt! I commend you on not looking the least bit cold in these pics too!

  17. i feel like i saw yellow and zebra print together recently, and just loved it–the subtle polka dots here are just perfect.
    but brrr looks cold!

  18. LOVE! All time favorite for sure. I love the change in scenery too.

  19. I got those same gloves! But for me they were $15.

  20. i LOOOOOOOOVE this bow belt!!!!!!!!! i cant find one like that anywhere and even forever 21 doesnt have it (i looked online and in stores…!))))))) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i want it! it is the cutest piece of accessorie in the world!

  21. You look great! I absolutely love that skirt. I can’t believe what an amazing deal you got on it!

  22. Okay this outfit is perfection. Absolute perfection! I really love those gloves!

  23. You are a master at pattern mixing. Love this look set against the bleak snowy backdrop. You’re like a ray of sunshine!

  24. Hey Jen! This look is super cute AND you got the gloves! Yay! Love you!!

  25. You must’ve been freezing! But you look pretty stellar. I love those gloves, I remember seeing them and thinking I should try them on but I don’t think I ever did.

  26. I love this outfit! I am going to try it upside down soon – my snow leopard sweater and a yellow skirt.

    Oh, and those gloves are fab!

  27. I love this! I wore mustard yellow with zebra print, but now I think I should try it with leopard too!

  28. I love it! And, that nail polish is truly awesome. Is that your Chanel Jade? I may have to invest in it… I miss you!

  29. oyyyy, this is so good. on so many levels. you are upping anty girl!!!!

  30. Love this outfit, especially the skirt. And those gloves are adorable!

  31. The polka dots with the leopard print is perfect! and those gloves! Love this.

  32. jen! you look so great. not that you don’t always, but i have to agree that this is one of my favorites yet. see you saturday?!

  33. you look so super cute!! love the pattern mixing,!

  34. Love love love love love!
    This would have to be one of my all time favourite outfits. The colours, the patterns oh and the gloves! I can not express how much I love the gloves!

  35. wow, the outfit and photos look amazing!

  36. Fabulous! Love both patterns but especially love that you paired them together!

  37. omigosh I love this! I am particularly envious of that $5 Target top. So cute! Love the color, and, upon closer inspection, the itsy bitsy polka dots. Also, I love that now I get a mental picture of you sprinting to and from coat in between photos, since you told that story.

  38. This is one of your cutest outfits ever! Those gloves make me so sad that I swore off shopping yesterday.

  39. Love this entire look!

  40. I absolutely love this outfit. Those gloves are amazing. I felt like I’ve been channeling my inner snow leopard too! Hehe!

  41. I adore this outfit – pairing the polka dot top with the snow leopard skirt is genius!! And seriously, how sweet are those gloves!

  42. I love this outfit. It is one of my favorites. The pattern mixing and the colors – all of it is amazing!

  43. those gloves are awesome! great colors too 🙂

  44. I love everything about this outfit! (Even the nailpolish!)
    Seeing the cost below the pics. makes me want to take a trip to target!

  45. i really appreciate how you break down the costs for each outfit post! and am always amazed at how smart and thrifty you are! my husband would be in tears of joy if i were as good at finding great pieces at those prices 🙂

  46. Love this outfit so much! Did you get these things at Target recently? The yellow shirt is adorable. And the nails!

  47. OH you are just so cute!
    The gloves complete the outfit, really!

  48. cuuuuute! perfect pattern mix!

  49. amy your sistah •


  50. wow this is uber cute. love the bright yellow with the leopard print. sweet and wild at the same time i suppose? haha 🙂

  51. I have a button up just like this one in my closet and have not been able to style it … thank you for the inspiration!

  52. So fun; I love these pictures!

  53. whoa! i am so ridiculously impressed by this outfit, your poses, and these photos! ahhh-mazing. the print and color combo is spot on (sorrrrrrrry i couldn’t help the pun!). anyways, i’ve included you on a best dressed bloggers post that i do every week and i’d be flattered if you stopped by to check it out!

  54. i LOVE that mustard top. was that a recent target purchase??? i might need to make my way over there…

  55. i really love and feel inspired by this outfit. the patterns flow really nicely together!!
    awesome teacher outfit- i had an art teacher that was always dressed so cool-she was my fave!

  56. I really love this outfit and since you posted it I have been reading about and seeing snow leopard print everywhere! Way to start an international trend 🙂

  57. I got that shirt there too! same price. one left. on the floor in between two clearance racks. so cute. i love it.

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