Weekend Style File 12.12.09

So this is the outfit I ended up wearing to our Blogger Meet Up. I tried on tons of outfits- I was just so nervous to meet everyone but overall I felt super good in what I ended up choosing. I thought it was fun and festive and overall pretty comfy to wear all day.

I got these shorts at forever 21. I usually just get a medium in everything I wear there, but I think these shorts were suppose to fit a little tighter and shorter than I like. I wasn’t really feeling that style but I did really like the shorts, so I just got a bigger size and belted them at the waist. I then loved how they fit a little bigger and longer but still high waisted.

I paired the shorts with this awesome bright pink blouse I found at a goodwill a couple months ago. I love this color- its so fun! It has small shoulder pads in it which give the shoulders a little bit of structure. I did try one patterned tights but I ended up going with solid black and just piled on the metal bracelets and a very thick necklace.

What do you guys think? Do the shorts work in the larger size? should I have worn pattern tights? To many bracelets? Or did it work all together?


Pink Blouse: Goodwill $4
Black Shorts: Forever 21 $24
Bow Belt: Forever 21 $6
Tights: H&M $6
Booties: Anne Michelle $20
Necklace: Charlotte Russe $8
Bracelets: Combo of Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe $6

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  1. The bold jewelry is amazing! I think patterned tights would be fun- give it a try next time! I can see sheer black polka dot ones looking super sweet.

  2. hmmm good thoughts on polka dot tights. I brought them too! i should have tried them!!

  3. i think i would’ve worn the same way you did, except i always end up wearing a long necklace (like the ones that hang lower). but i love the shorts and the bow belt!!!!!! i thought the belt was part of the shorts! i agree with the length, i hate when things are too short and i rather wear them a size bigger if that fits! but the blouse is perfect and i think you look just right!!!!!!! again, you might be my style soulmate.

  4. i loved your whole look! i was contemplating wearing shorts, but thought, nah it’d be too cold & then look…you, amy & someone else had shorts on! i would have gone for the bigger shorts too…better to belt it & have it look high-waisted rather than getting into daisy duke territory 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t change a thing!

  6. This outfit looks great, everything about it is wonderful and I wouldn’t have changed it either. I love the bow belt and the silver jewelry with the pink and black. Lovely! S.

  7. Love the whole look! The proportion of the shorts to the shirt is perfect.

  8. I love love love it!! I definitely love it with the solid tights, but I think that you could’ve totally rocked some patterned tights too. Overall, fabulous!

  9. You look amazing Jen! That is such a chic outfit and was a perfect choice! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! – Natalya of Wear Necessities

  10. Ay, I hear you on the tiny shorts problem, I always get mine a size up too. Feel so exposed otherwise. You look great in this outfit, the colour of the blouse is brilliant and the jewellery makes the look. You must have been cold posing outside!

  11. I think the shorts look perfect just how they are. and that blouse is such an awesome goodwill find!

  12. you look great! I love the pink with the black and the necklace is a great detail!

  13. I think patterned tights would’ve been too much with the fabric of the shorts. You look great!

  14. Love the outfit the way it is!

  15. No more, no less, you got the proportions perfect. I think patterned tights would have been too busy.
    Love that shirt!

  16. i think you look super pretty! and the jewelry is just right. i think you’re rocking the shorts, despite my personal hesitation with the tights/shorts trend.

  17. Brittany •

    I’m sure you get this all the time, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! It is one of my favorites. You seem so genuine and normal (in a good way) and have such a great sense of style. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I think you got it spot on… love it. And the hot pink looks so great on you x

  19. This outfit is chic, sexy, and cool! I really love it! I would also be interested to see it with some polka dot or heart patterned tights.

  20. Omigod, those leather shorts TOTALLY work, as I’ve been searching for an identical pair myself and will have to hope that F21 still has a pair for me!!!

  21. I really like it! I’m totally jealous that it’s warm enough to wear shorts where you are. I think I would freeze to death even with tights. But I will definitely file the idea away for a warmer month. Haha!

  22. i think this outfit is perfect the way it is! the fuschia pink and black colour combo rocks!

  23. I thought you looked FABULOUS! It was so nice to meet you… thanks for organizing this. –Crisis in Denim

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