Teacher Style File 12.09.09

So let me just say I am so excited that we had a snow day today!!! Yippie! Its like being a little kid again waiting for your school name to scroll across the TV, except now of course I get a phone call to let me know. We got about 5 inches or so here. Did you get a lot of snow where you are? I’ve spent my morning blasting Michael Buble Christmas, having a delicious breakfast, drinking mint tea and working on my blog. Boy, what a dream to do this everyday!!

This is the outfit I wore to school yesterday. It is seriously like the most comfortable outfit ever. I have said before that I prefer wearing tights to pants. I am just more comfortable that way and this skirt is awesome because it has an elastic waist. I got this skirt at a ZARA in Paris when I was there last April. The sweater is one of the softest that I have and its so warm and snuggly. Don’t you just love the ruffle shoulder detail?


Sweater: H&M $14
Skirt: ZARA 40 Euros
Tights: H&M $6
Necklace: Forever 21 $7
Flats: Steve Madden $40

Come back later for a double I’d Wear That: A Graduation edition as well as a Boston Blogger Mixer outfit

  1. we have a snow day too, and they are predicting one for tomorrow as well… i am so glad i’m a teacher! also, i love love that necklace. i never venture into Forever 21, but after seeing all your adorable finds, i think i’m going to have to try!

  2. oooo when did you get that sweater? i’m probably too late to go try to find one myself, right?

  3. The sweater is lovely! 😀

    We’re also having a TON of snow today around here. They say from 6 to 13 inches… yikes!

  4. i just saw that sweater over the weekend and freaked out over it. so sorry i didn’t grab it!!!

  5. oh those ruffles are just darling! and the necklace is snazzy, and the skirt is cute! you look just fabulous Jen 🙂

  6. No snow here 🙁 Darn Texas weather! (But we do get “ice days” quite often since TX doesn’t have the equipment to make the roads safe lol)

    And you’re right. That skirts IS perfect!

  7. I love that H&M sweater. I have been meaning to purchase it, but I am sure they are all gone now. Oh well.

  8. Jen, this outfit is beautiful! everything about it!

  9. GORGEOUS Necklace

  10. The sweater is fantastic! I love Zara so much and wish there was one near me.

    No snow here today, but we’ve had insane 35mph winds.

  11. Hey Jen- Hope you enjoyed your snow day! I certainly did. Today is Damien’s birthday so I was able to surprise him by putting up the christmas tree! A lofty endeavor. You look wonderful, as always, in this post. Can’t wait to see you Saturday 🙂


  12. When it snows 5 inches here no one bats an eye. Needless to say, snow days are not very common up here.

  13. Sooooo jealous that you got a snow day…my co-workers and I were wishing for one all day. You look great!

  14. Gorgeous outfit, you always take pretty pics.

  15. i loveeee that sweater but also that skirt! you look like a dream, and the side pony is just the right touch.

  16. Hey jen.
    Nice sweater 😉 I bought it a few days ago and I love it too 🙂
    Grettings from Germany.

  17. I love your skirt. I would happily wear it every day! I love elastic waist bands. Shirts stay tucked in nicely and they’re so comfy to wear.

  18. We barely got any snow, and any that did stick was soon washed away by rain. But I’m ok with that, I’m not quite ready to really deal with snow yet.

  19. So cute! I love Zara and make a point of going anytime I am in Boston or NYC.

  20. That skirt is gorgeous! Yay for snow days!!!

  21. It’s been below freezing the last week here in Seattle, but because of a dry snap we haven’t had any snow! Today we’re supposed to get “flurries”, whatever that means, but it’s sunny and no cloud in sight right now, so we’ll see 🙂

    I agree with the tights over pants thing. Although I favor leggings more. I’ve noticed they keep me a lot warmer than jeans and they’re super cute!

  22. We had snow days today too! I love them! I love your skirt.. !

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