Etsy Shop Update Tomorrow!!

So the Christmas season has begun and that means gift buying!! I love buying gifts for people- its so fun!! I just love giving presents. I will be making a lot of gifts this year for friends and family. I think its nice to give something a little more personal. I have also been making a ton of stuff to update my etsy shop with!!

Winter always makes me want to crochet, so I have been crocheting like a mad women. Tomorrow I will have tunnel scarfs in lots of beautiful colors, more brooches and some headbands to sell. I have included crocheting into lots of the brooches and headbands this time around. All are in rich winter colors, they are all so pretty!

Here is a little sneak peak…


  1. Yeah so fun, cant wait till tomorrow!! I have been knitting away myself….scarves of course since it is easy to knit a straight line! One day you will need to demo how to make those little flowers I just cant seem to follow crochet examples, and where do you get your felt?

  2. Wow Jen! I’m so impressed with your crocheting. I really want a tunnel scarf. I will be by tomorrow at noon to buy one. I have been looking since you posted that picture of you with one on. xoxo

  3. melissa laine •

    yayyy! so excited toooo! i’m so jealous of your beautiful creations and your mom’s craft room in the previous post! i need to give myself more time to make pretty things! i’ll definitely be by tomorrow to check out your goodies! xo

  4. ohh these look so cozy (and those infinity scarves in your last post look fabulous…my lucky sister just may be the recipient of one…)

  5. Beautiful work Jen, I can wait to see. I wanted to say that I adore your blog and thanks for sharing all those good recipes and for all the beautiful pictures. I am going to try the brie fondue I can’t wait.

  6. Rebekah •

    Gorgeous! I love your work! Just want you to know that I think your awesome!

  7. Stefanie •

    These look so fun! I am new to knitting, do you happen to know of a tutorial online of how to make a tunnel scarf or infinity scarf. Any leads would be awesome!

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