Teacher Style File 11.25.09

Well I got this sweater at savers at alittle while ago- Punky actually picked it out of the rack for me. I love it! Its so sailory! I do need to take it in. Its a little big- can you tell-(under my arm)? The belt helps but it gets all bunchy at the back. I just need to take it in, then the problem will be solved.

I kept the look simple with just a pair of jeans and flats. I think next time I will dress it up a little more but for today the detailing in the sweater was enough.

The Building behind me is our new apartment building. Cool huh?


Sweater: Savers $6
Jeans: BDG Urban outfitter $40
Flats: Target $20

  1. Are those the old mills in Cohoes near the falls? I used to drive by those as they were being converted and was so curious as to how they turned out… do you like it?

  2. WOW that is your apartment building?! Holy Lanta!

  3. Your hair looks so cute like that!

  4. cool building! for a moment i thought you were in a european square.

  5. This is an awesome picture and that sweater is amazing!!!!

  6. i think that might be the best sweater EVER!!! let’s negotiate when you’re ready to trade it in!!! 😉

    happy thanksgiving! xo

  7. WOW your building is so freaking cool!

  8. The details of your sweater are amazing. I love the little touch of ribbon on the front. Such a great find. Your new place looks so cool! It must be exciting to live in neat old buildings. So much history.

  9. I want to live in your apartment building! Are you a renter now?

    How do you wear such casual outfits to work as a teacher?

    Am I asking too many questions? LOL

  10. I love you sweater and your apartment building!

  11. Marina Salinas •

    I love that collar on that sweater, so cute.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

  13. absolutely adore the sweater. love. love. love.

  14. That sweater is so cute…Wait why didn’t i keep that? I think i was fixated on Vintage coats that week.

  15. Awesomely cute outfit

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