Teacher Style File 11.24.09

I have fit the jackpot lately with sweater dresses from the goodwill lately. I am totally in love with them. They are so warm and cozy. The ones I have found are in really bright vibrant colors like this blue one. This one was way to long when I bought it but I hemmed it up and now its just fine. I was a little worried about cutting a sweater and sewing it but I used a thick stitch and sewed a double hem. Lets hope it stays…


Sweater Dress: Goodwill $6
Tights: Target $5
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70

  1. Love the dress! I like the last picture you look so happy!!!

  2. I was just wondering if I could cut and hem a sweater dress myself! You have given me confidence.

  3. Love this sweater dress! Looks lovely on you. What a great purchase!

  4. Great dress! Lovely photos!

  5. I LOVE THAT DRESS! AHH! I am definitely hitting Goodwill up this weekend to get me one!

  6. you hit the jackpot, and this one is EXCELLENT. I love love love the detailing print around the neck of that sweater dress and that color is shockingly brilliant. Nice score!!

  7. Ooooh I love this dress! The colour is amazing!

  8. I would have felt funny with those cars driving by!! LOL!

  9. Hi! I love your outfits but I’ve never commented before. Where do you go thrifting? My parents live in Albany and I’m heading there for Thanksgiving and just wondering where you find such great items!

  10. love that first shot! great find with the dress! I just bought my ticket for the museum, i’m so excited!

  11. cute! I love the vibrant color on u!


  12. Wow! what a great find, that sweater is awesome.

  13. That is a gorgeous street! I love the outdoor photos you’re taking!

  14. That color looks so pretty on you! Love all of the fall leaves! 🙂

  15. Stefanie •

    Super cute 🙂

    Sometimes I wonder how you have time to do so many wonderful things! Inspiring for sure…

  16. Wow! I love this thrifted dress!

  17. The whole outfit is awesome. I love those boots and have been looking for some just like that recently.

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