Over the Weekend + Randomness

So our weekend was pretty uneventful- it was very nice but we just didnt have any big plans or anything. I am so so excited for this week though, I get to see my littlest sister Carrie tomorrow who I havent seen since last christmas!! That is such a long time. So I am pretty pumped!! She lives in Ontario with her hubby Joel. This is the 2 of us last Thanksgiving…


My other little sister Amy is off in Europe traveling around for a month. I am sad that she wont be around but I am very proud of her for going on this journey. She is crazy like that. She toured with her friend Josh as he was on tour with his band Four Year Strong for a bit but other than that she is just hoping from place to place. She has set up an awesome tumblr site documenting her travels. She went to RIT for photography and she is so good at telling a story with her photos. I love seeing them as she uploads them. They are so good. Check out her Tumblr! Here are a few photos of her and her trip…


Lastly, yesterday I had to work a craft fair with some of my students to sell ornaments they made. It was to raise money for prom and well I came across this….


I had never heard of sucking up a lemon thru a candy cane but I have to say it was delightful and something I would like to have again!

  1. WOW! Those pictures are gorgeous! I wish I was adventurous enough to tour Europe for a month- that may be my 1 regret so far. I wish her a safe and wonderful journey!


  2. I’ve never sucked up lemon through a candy cane but when I was younger we would such a lemon through lemon flavored hard candy…random, i know.

  3. What the what? I have never heard of sucking lemon through a candy cane. At first I thought that picture was some high schooler’s half-assed attempt at arts & crafts, haha! But seriously, I will have to try that out. I love lemons.

  4. That lemon thing looks quite tasty….

  5. I might have to try that lemon thing.

  6. amy your sister •


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