Not Christmas yet- but almost!

So the time has come to start thinking about our christmas card. We have never done a normal card- thats just not us. We have had 3 great cards over the 3 christmas we have been married. The first one we did in Hawaii (I couldnt find the picture of it at the moment but when I do I will post it) and then one when we moved back to MA in the snowy woods and then last year was a little more of a goofy card. I love each of them for many reasons, but what do we do this year? I have been thinking like crazy lately but havent come up with anything. We better decide soon though- I’d like to send them out in the first couple weeks of December. What do you think of our previsous cards?

December 2007


December 2008


Teacher style file will be posted this evening sometime- so check back later. I am wearing something super laid back today but I am sort of in love with it. I feel so comfy!!

  1. I’m not a Christmas card person, but these are definatly adorable! I love the first one because you look so sassy and there are so many Kev’d running around. love the second one because it is silly. Maybe you should dress up as a hawt version of Mrs. Clause and Kev can be an equally hot version of Santa?
    Sky is the limit, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. That first one is awesome!!! And the second one is adorable!!! Maybe a sweet old school Christmas sweater pic would be fun! Or something completely not Christmas related at all. That might make for a good time! You’re obviously super creative though, so i’m sure you’ll think of something! 🙂

  3. Seriously? The 2007 one is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it.
    My friend & her guy friend/roommate, who affectionately refer to each other as “Brother” and “Sister” did this hilarious card last year. They dressed as homeless people and had signs like “will sing carols for xmas gifts”. It was sort of a social commentary on the whole recession thing.

  4. I love those! So cute!

    We did a Christmas card last year too:

    Hahaha! People went wild over Kurt’s turtleneck, my Church lady get-up, our dog drinking coacoa (really water) and the Wu Tang quote. Now, what to do this year?

  5. Johanna: hahahahaha that is hilarious. I think my grandma and half my family would have a heart attack if I wrote that on our card but the picture is awesome!!

  6. LMAO those cards are great! What an adorable idea. Can’t wait to see what you come up with this year 🙂

  7. Seriously Jen, you’re making the rest of our Christmas cards look totally lame!!! These cards are awesome!! I love your 2008 one because it just seems so ‘you’ but the 2007 one is amazing! I’ve really never seen a card like that before, it’s breathtaking really! I cannot wait to see what you come up with this time!

  8. I can’t say I’ve ever made my own Christmas card – I usually just try to find something cute at Papyrus. Your cards are SO cute though, I think I might want to try!

  9. I love December 08. So fun and festive!

  10. This is so freakin fabulous!!!! I LOVE It!!!!!

  11. I love the second one!

  12. No brilliant ideas for you—but love these two! Both great in different ways 🙂

  13. these are great. you guys must have so much fun, all the time. i’ve been wanting to do a fun christmas card forever but have never gotten around to it. maybe this year i will!

  14. Oooooo I really love them! I especially love the one of you in that gorgeous red gown in the snowy woods. I might have to steal a similar idea myself!!!!

  15. Both of those are just awesome! I love that you make these yourself, they’re so beautiful and creative and personalized! How about making something this year that includes or involves your new home somehow, since you will be spending your first xmas in your new home together? Just an idea, although I’m sure you have a ton of better ones already. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! S.

  16. I like the second card the best! It’s cute and festive 🙂

  17. jen,

    i’m really looking forward to getting your christmas card this year! you need to send me your new address so i can update my address book!

  18. those are great!!

  19. You guys! Always so damn clever. I’m not really a Christmas card kinda girl but I always get a ton from our friends and their babies and toddlers in artificial poses… and because I’m a bitch, I’ve always wanted to have the cheesiest background and pose with the herd of cats as a send-off to them. I think posing with the cats is totally normal, they are our babies after all but some people around here would think I’m a total weirdo… and that’s ok.

  20. these cards are fabulous! can’t wait to see what you come up with for this year 😉

  21. so cute, what a fun tradition! we make a photo card that is not as creative as yours and email them out to save paper and money.

  22. these are so cute! i keep trying to convince my boy to dress up our dogs like santa and an elf so we can have a card this year.

  23. Sarah Dyer •

    We still have your Christmas card from last year on our fridge! I hope we can still make the list for this year *fingers crossed* 🙂 I hope that you guys are doing well. We are still hoping that you and Kev will make a trip up here to visit sometime!

  24. I love the first one!! its so cute with 3 Kevs in the background, hehe

  25. omg, your 2007 one is genius!!! i can just imagine ppl opening that and loving the freshness of it!! well done.

  26. Wow! They are definitely a lot more exciting than our Christmas Cards. We usually do the standard one and always end up looking a lot more preppy than what we are. 🙂

  27. Awesome cards!

  28. Fab cards! I love the idea. How about recreating the tongue frozen to a pole scene from a Christmas Story?

  29. I love those cards! They’re both so creative and cute. I’d love to see this year’s cards!

  30. I love the second one! Adorable!

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