So I am sure everyone has been to the modcloth website. It is def. one of my favorites. I have a few things from there but seriously wish I could be clothed in outfits everyday from that website. The dress selection goes on for pages- its like my dream come true. I was again searching thru the pages over there and found these images from their new mensware inspired lookbook. I fell head over heels! I love the pants and that gray blazer and that vest, well I want every piece in these pictures. What are your thoughts? Do you think you could pull off a pair of high waisted trouser pants? I am not sure if I could but I sure do want to try!!! So gorgeous!

Oh Modcloth I love you!

  1. i love the last outfit!!!!!! I love modcloth, it’s so dreamy! but i wish it wasn’t so pricey!

  2. I had never seen Modcloth before, so thanks for sharing! I LOVE the yellow cardigan.

    If anyone could pull off those pants, it’s probably you. I’d recommend staying away from the mustache though.

  3. Agreed. I can’t go there too often…I lust over EVERYTHING.

  4. I have the most ridiculously long wish list on modcloth and have yet to make my first purchase! I’m a little intimidated by the sizing… the SML options kinda baffle me. I mean, I would definitely order a large, but would it fit my made for childbaring bits (i.e. hips, thighs & booty!)? Jen if you have any idea about the sizing, I would love to know!

    And high waisted tailored pants?! YES PLEASE!

  5. OK. I have been to modcloth but had to exit site immediately because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get out of there with out going broke. The items you have highlighted here are exquisite! I actually LIKE the mustaches, but I am sortof a different kind of bird I guess. They actually sell stick on facial hair at the quarter machines at my grocery store (don’t ask) and I have a few sets for fun!

  6. I LOVE these outfits – women look so amazing in menswear inspiried clothing. You should totally try highwaisted pants! These pics are kinda funny too – with the moustache and glasses, I chuckled. 🙂

  7. I love ModCloth…and it’s Pittburgh-based, like me!
    Modcloth, and Moop, and probably a handful of other sites…

  8. i need that yellow cardigan! have you heard of lulu’s? it kind of reminds me of modcloth but cheaper.

  9. That model could totally be you!

  10. hey Jen- I almost made my first purchase from Modcloth last week but I am not sure of the sizing from there. There is this amazing blue/green trench coatish jacket that I fell in love with…but I hesitate to order since I am not sure what size to get. I generally wear a smaller size in jackets. Any idea how there things run? Thanks!

  11. I like the outfits, but I LOVE her hairdo! Next on my list 🙂

  12. oh! that yellow cardi and those pleated pants! LOVELOVELOVE! and the styling of these images is just too cute.

  13. Jen, thanks for featuring our new lookbook on your blog! Did you see you are on our blog??

    Sarah and Chelsea, Susan our founder made this awesome videos to help people just like you!! Hopefully this will take away your fears so you can finally make your first purchase!! 🙂

  14. I love modcloth! Ha, I talk about it all the time:

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