Teacher Style File 11.19.09

So I actaully have the day off today. We are on our way to the closing of the house. I am posting this from the car. Hehe love my broken glass iPhone! Anyways we locked the doors up last night for the last time after we walked thru each room. I think my last words as I was crying and turning off the dining room light were “remember when I installed the dimmer swtiches” hehe I was proud of those!

Anyways went to dinner after and kev surprised me with little videos he made in each room showing the room and then telling a good story and memory that happened in that spot. How sweet right? I loved them. I am going to be sharing them with you some time soon. He is so good to me!

Well here is my outfit post. I really love the large black and white strips of this shirt. Plus I love bright blue and black and white together. It just works to me!


shirt: forever 21
skirt: thrifted
shoes: Anne michelle
fishnets: target

  1. I just love, love, love this outfit!!!

  2. Cute outfit, I love the necklace!

    Your husband is SO sweet, the videos are a great idea!!

  3. Kev is the sweetest! What a great way to remember your first house together 🙂 And as for that outfit, the black/white stripes and bold blue are totally fabulous!

  4. i love stripes mixed with other colors, esp blue! looking great!

  5. You’re a lucky girl to have such a sweet hubby!
    You look gorgeous in this. How did the teacher conferences go? I bet you rocked it. 🙂

  6. This may be one of my favorite outfits ever! I love the colors together! That is such a great blue! And yay for sweet boys who do nice things for their girls! xo

  7. I LOVE this outfit. You have a knack for putting them together, and this one is especially fabulous. 🙂

  8. I absolutely adore your blog (” (^_^) “) && I want to be a teacher someday and wear awesome clothes like you!

  9. Kev is so sweet to think of that since he knew you’d be sad. What a great guy!

  10. Love this look Jen! Congrats on your big move. From what I can tell so far, the new place looks great!!!! Can’t wait to see more and see what you guys do with it.

  11. I wouldn’t normally think to put bright blue and black & white together, but this totally works! I love it!

  12. That was really sweet of him. He is such a dear. You’ll always have your memories and now you can make some more in your new apartment. xo

  13. This outfit is pure awesomeness, just so you know…which I’m sure you already do 🙂 I really love the simplicity of it, but it definitely has a hint of rocker chic.

  14. oooh i really love the colour combination! and I’ve been looking for a stripey top like yours!

  15. Dear Jen, I think you are my style soul mate. Well, I know, we are both married, but I could wear everything you wear, and I can’t say that about a lot of people! I love checking your blog for inspiration… I LOVE your cute style. melissa

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