Teacher Style File 11.18.09

Today is Parent-Teacher Conferences. Its always a nerve racking day for me and its hard time after time when parents come in and say “Your the teacher?- you look like a student.” I mean I know its harmless but I feel like its kinda insulting and then hard to expect to be taken seriously as I talk to them about their kid. Oh well…

I planned out my outfit last night and we took pictures because its just a very busy day today. I have a half day at school and then conferences start at 1pm till 4pm and then there is a little break which I have to run back to our house to met my mom to help us take the last few things. Then I have to run back to school for 6pm for the last half till 8pm. Then back to the house to finish doing the final clean up. Then say good bye forever to our house. I am kinda dreading that part!! I know I will cry as we close the door behind us. The closing is tomorrow at 9:30am.

whew! Enough with the negative sadness!! On to bright things!! I just found out my sister is coming down from canada for thanksgiving next week and I could not be happier. I miss her so much!! My other sister is off in europe but I will see her soon enough. Carrie on the other hand, I havent seen since last christmas!! That is way to long- so I can not wait!!!


Blazer: Thifted $4
Dress: Thrifted $3
Tights: HUE (Tj Maxx) $5
Shoes: Plato’s Closet $8
Silk Rosette Belt: J Crew $15

  1. ohhh don’t you just love those kind of comments? hope all goes well to day! (btw- i stumbled across a rice sweet potato burrito type recipe deal, and now i can’t find it. point me in the right direction?)

  2. Here is the post I made about sweet potato burritos…

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow this one of my favorite teacher style files. I love pairing plain tights with patterned or floral dresses. Fun! Hope teacher conferences go well.

  4. You look great! I hate it when people say things like that. It’s rediculous, you do not look like a student.

  5. U look fabulous! I get that too, I work at a school as well! Hope the conferences go well 🙂

  6. These pictures leave me speechless…absolutely speechless. Kev is soo soo good soo soo good!
    I can understand how you would be insulted by a parent saying that, I would get so annoyed that after a while I would probably say something rude back like “Your the mother? Hmm…you look like his grandmother”. I know that was rude but how is it any different?
    Anyway…WOW to the pictures, like WOW. Kev is my hero.
    Your new place looks amazing, I hope you don’t cry too much saying goodbye to the old home.

  7. I work at a school and get the same thing, especially because I work in the nurse’s office of a k-12 school. When I meet high school parents, they can’t believe I’m not a student! LOVE that dress – beautiful colors! The belt and tights are perfect with it!

  8. Love the mustard belt. That’s one of my favorite colors this season. I think people just imagine teachers as being really old. I mean, those teachers were young like you at some point right. It’s interesting that your siblings are so spread out. You seem sort of nomadic…perhaps it’s a family trait.

  9. Stephanie-
    hehe I think it is a family trait. We moved a lot as kids and think because of that we just don’t like staying in one place too long or at least aren’t scared to move to a new place or try a new experience. I like that about my family!

    Thanks for the comment!

  10. You know I get the same kind of comments from people about looking young. It makes me happy that I deal with most of my business contacts over email or the phone…that way they can’t judge me by how old I look. But look on the bright side…when we’re 40, we’re going to look 29!! 🙂 I hope things go well for you today and that saying good-bye to your house isn’t too tough.

  11. I love that outfit! meanwhile, I hate those kind of comments too… After I’d worked in a finance firm for 4 yrs people would still always ask me if I was intern…

  12. I ADORE this outfit! Probably one of my top 5 favorites of yours. That dress is such an incredible find!

    Good luck with parent teacher conferences today, and good luck tonight! I’m very excited to see pictures of your new home!

  13. I would have loved to have you as a teacher when I was younger. My teachers used to call my parents because my outfits were so crazy(I would design them and my grandma would sew them) I was “distracting the class”. I think that’s amazing. I hope I get a call from my kid’s teacher some day!

  14. Um… I think I speak for the entire world when I screech “You got that amazing dress for $3?!?!?!?!” Okay. You win. Deal of the century! It looks amazing on you!

  15. Man! I used to get real sick of parents telling me I looked like a student. I once replied by saying “I’d rather people didn’t tell me that” and that made for the most awkward parent conference. What I ended up doing was just completely acting like they never said it or that I didn’t hear it and just started to talk business. That was kind of awkward, too, and I can’t see you doing that (you’re much nicer than me) but it was just the kind of passive aggressive behavior that made me feel better!

  16. Reading your blog is so amazing because I hope to be a teacher someday too. Nice to see I won’t have to sacrifice my fashion sense 😉

  17. Yes, I know I tell you this alot, but you really do take the best pictures! I love these and your dress is beautiful! I can’t believe you thrifted it for $3, where did you get it?


  18. Ugh…PT conferences are hard, long days in general! I wish you lots and lots of luck! And any parent who says you look like a students is NUTS. Kids don’t look nearly as good as you…trust me! 🙂 🙂

  19. Great outfit. Love the tights and belt!

    The age thing could be a compliment. I get that sometimes too. “You don’t look old enough to be a lawyer.” or “You look like you’re still in college.” Regardless of how I think it’s meant, I just respond as if it’s a compliment and say “thanks” and usually just leave it at that. Sometimes I’ll add that I’ve been practicing law for several years already.

  20. I love the dark purpler tights! I’ve been craving a pair of my own.

  21. ah! that dress is so cute! & you get the best deals on all of your clothes! it’s amazing! anyway, i really love this whole outfit! the purple tights are so cute too! 🙂

  22. ahh, the shoes look so good! you actually just made me feel a little better…someone had a crazier day then me for once! hope the tears were minimal and everything goes smoothly with the closing!

  23. this outfit is fantastic! Love that dress!

  24. Although I never get told I look like a student (my kiddos are babies & toddlers), I hear “Wow! You’re young!!” on a regular basis. I wish I could just take it as a challenge to show parents how awesome I am at my job, but most of the time I feel like they think I’m inexperienced. Oh well, I know one day I’ll be wishing I looked this young.

    Such a cute outfit, by the way!

  25. Gorgeous! perfect use of colors and patterns.

  26. I love the way the floral dress goes with the blazer, my new favorite combination, its so feminine yet so business like, i love it

  27. The lighting in these pictures is wonderful! And I adore that dress, very lovely!

  28. i looooooaaaaatttthhhhe PTCs. ugh. and i too get the comments. i actually don’t mind when the parents say it, they’re just jealous! but when other (older) teachers say things like “hey, kid!” or “hi little girl”….oooh, my blood boils! but, oh well is right. in any case, your outfit is awesome and moving is always bittersweet.

  29. I hope the conferences went well… your outfit was very sophisticated and so cute! those purple tights and shoes are awesome together, especially with that dress! you are a gifted outfit planner, my dear 🙂

  30. I can’t believe that dress was a $3 thrift find! You look great [as always- i adore your style files]. Have a great weekend! xo.

  31. Dear JenLovesKev,

    I’m just getting caught up on your blog and scrolling through recent outfits when I saw this one. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. I have the same mustard J.Crew belt and although I love it I never can seem to figure out how to wear it (without having a tail hanging in the back). Thank you!

    I have the opposite reaction as you for the age/job thing–I’m currently an au pair and I whenever I pick up the kids from school on of their friends always asks them, “Oh is that your mom?” I want to say, “Do I look old enough to have an 8 year old?!” I sure hope not!

    Wonderful blog!

  32. I am right there with you on that one Jen. When I was teaching high school, parents would say that to me all the time. It was actually a bit disheartening because I felt like they didn’t take me seriously. And actually, one time at lunch an older teacher (who I of course worked with) stopped me and told me he was going to give me a detention for being out of uniform. Ugh! Anyway, I think your outfit was perfect! You always look so cute.

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