Teacher Style File 11.16.09

So after a weekend of not caring what I looked like as long as I could move boxes easily, I decided I needed to glam up myself for the first day back to my work week. I found a few of these accessories last week when I was shopping with Julie and couldn’t wait to wear them with an outfit. I got the polka dotted tights (now my new favorite) at h&m which is way easier then ordering them from some where as I was thinking of doing and I got the belt and necklace from Forever 21.

like our new windows in our apt.? It was working out good until I realized that cars were slowing down on the road wondering why the heck there was a girl standing in the window wearing heels. I am sure it was an odd site from the road.


Blouse: Vintage (thirfted from goodwill)
Pale Pink Ruffle Skirt: Target
Chain Necklace: Forever 21
Chain linked leather belt: Forever 21
Polka Dot Tights: H&M
Booties: Anne Michelle (Marshalls)

Sorry this got posted so late. I started baking to many pies when I got home. Mmmmm

  1. Love the overall outfit:)very classy!

  2. I wore my skirt today too (actually inspired by what you wore last week!) this pic is sooo glam with that amazing window!

  3. I am so jealous of this window! It is perfect. I love the outfit too, glam is right!

  4. So cute! I’m glad that your move is finally over…moving is no fun at all. And that window is great!

  5. Loooove this! You look so adorable!

  6. A great outfit is always the cure. Love the tights. I’ve had really good luck @ H&M this season. Although it’s annoying – the H&M closest to me has the worst selection. I usually end up driving 20 minutes away to the better one. At least they’re on the west coast now 🙂

  7. Baking too many pies? I think I’ve done a similar thing, but it was with tarts and quiches. I have an unnatural love for baked goods 🙂

  8. Wow you wore this to school!
    Why did I never have any teachers that wore such cute outfits!

  9. Super cute! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your new place!

  10. Ooh, Jen, stoppin’ traffic! Seriously though, I loveloveLOVE this outfit. It’s so classy with a pinch of sass and sexiness. Love it!

  11. Jennifer •

    I am quite jealous of that window! But your outfit is GORGEOUS! I’m sure the people driving by had to stop and admire your outfit.

  12. Oh that’s so funny!! The skirt really is adorable!!

  13. Fantastic shot, fantastic outfit! Your appartment must be gorgeous with windows like that, will you do a picture tour for us?

  14. Let them stare! It’s probably the most exciting thing they’ve seen in awhile! You look great in this outfit. I just adore those tights!!

  15. I love this shot with the window. Very cool!

  16. You look amazing – SO chic! I’ll be looking for those tights the next time at H&M – LOVE THEM!

  17. LOVE THIS WHOLE LOOK!!! adorable!

  18. this is so so so glam. I just love it!!! Amazing!

  19. Oh wow, this IS a traffic-stopper. You look INCREDIBLE!!!! And your photographer did a great job, too.

  20. LOOOOVE those tights! So awesome. The whole outfit is great though. 🙂

  21. you look fantastic! i love that you wore such a fun outfit to work! definitely motivating for a monday back at work, haha.

  22. Looks like the new place has brought some inspiration. Great outfit and photo!

  23. oh my goodness that window is fabulous and so is your look! Way to wow them on a Monday!

  24. Love this outfit – I was just admiring a similar skirt in InStyle this morning!

  25. It’s SO great to see you in that skirt because I work in production for a garment manufacturer and WE did that skirt!!! it has had a GREAT response and it looks really good on you!! The black one is fun too! If you lived in L.A. you would probably LOVE our sample sales…everything is $3.00!!!

  26. oooh I saw that skirt at Target and didn’t try it on! I’m heading back this weekend… so now I’ll have another chance! It looks great on you and I am in LOVE with those polka dot tights 🙂

  27. All I have to say is: GORGEOUS!!


  28. I tried this skirt on at Target and totally regret not getting it, you look great!

  29. i just love blush and black together. reminds me of a ballerina:)

  30. love love love the window shot! The proportions are great and it looks like a movie still.
    Also really like the outfit, and if you wanted to take the edge off and add a pop of color, you could switch out the necklace for a jenloveskev pin.

  31. Brittany •

    This outfit is fantastic…Seriously, I love everything!

  32. Those windows are the perfect photo site. Love the outfit

  33. You look Stunning!!! The window is totally amazing, too! I love that this outfit has so many different textures.

  34. Perfect holiday outfit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. Great look!! I love the skirt and the tights!!


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