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Its Friday, its 9:33am and I am not at work. I took the day off to finish up everything at the house. I promise I will stop talking about moving soon. Its just so consuming. This has been one over the top busy week. I have been back and forth between Albany and Pittfield with truck loads of stuff more than I would have liked, school has been super busy I def. volunteered myself for way way way to much afterschool stuff this year, and well there just a lot going on. I don’t like the feeling where you have so much happening, you are sure you will majorly drop the ball somewhere. I am making lots of lists so that wont happen. Here’s hoping!! So I apologize if you have written to me lately and I haven’t gotten back- I am working on it.

Anyways, Since I am just moving stuff today it called for a laid back look that was comfy and easy to work with. I bought this plaid tunic button up the other night with Julie at Plato’s Closet. Its great- it works perfect for today. Paired with some leggings and flats and I am ready for lifting boxes but still feeling somewhat decently dressed.

Plaid Shirt: Plato’s Closet $6.00
Leggings: Macys $20
Flats: Target
Necklace: Goodwill $2

So one thing I am totally loving lately are blogger meet ups. I am so excited for Dec. 12th but I say this because this week my world collided (in a good way) with the beautiful and super sweet Julie from Orchid Grey. She was in Albany all week and we got to hang out a few times! I think I have found my new shopping buddy- we have very similar taste and well lots of things in common other than fashion. We had a lot of fun. I also think she has single handily broken my obsession with cutting my bangs. Its time to grow them out so I can have awesome braids and buns! See, take a look (picture from her blog)…


Also, I have been seeing some of the jenloveskev Brooches people bought posted on their blogs and its very exciting!!! Have you posted a picture with a brooch you bought? Send the link along!!!


Sydeny Toups


adored austin

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

  1. Love that pic of you on the stairs!! So glad your moving went well and its almost done 🙂 and totally jealous of your blogger meet ups! We need one in my area 🙂

  2. I totally had a dream about you last night, which sounds uber creepy because I don’t even really know you but there you were, in my dream. Your new house looks super cute! Moving is a pain in the ass but well worth it in the end. I’m trying to find the right way to wear my brooch…I am a little skeptical every time I put it on…

  3. where do you live (approx)?? I have visited plato’s closet as well. I live in upstate NY between syracuse and rochester

  4. erm. sorry for being stupid- you live IN albany….

  5. Super cute tunic. Love the pics of other bloggers!

  6. so I’ve come to two conclusions… one, I need to teach you how to say NO – I’m really good at it ;), and two, I have got to try leggings and tights (not together), for some reason I have never understood their awesomeness until reading your blog!

  7. AW Jen! Those are the last shots of your old home that we are going to see, i presume? 🙁 Oh well, new beginnings are exciting! Even when your moving you look chic`, whats up with that!?! Great outfit, casual but still very cool!

  8. very cute outfit!! looks comfy but stylish! is that shirt from ny & co, i swear i just saw one just like it there!

  9. That is the perfect “moving” outfit… malleable as athletic attire (my standard moving clothes are soccer shorts and a T) but way cuter! I’m excited to see all your new photo locations!

  10. I did wear your brooch for pictures 🙂
    Here they are:

    In fact I am wearing it again today but unfortunately I didn’t take pictures!

  11. your new house looks pristine. how do you do it?

  12. Jen, i had a great time! Your new tunic looks great and I love that pic on the stairs, so pretty!

  13. Love the moving outfit!
    You and some others have inspired me to start my own style blog. 🙂
    Thanks so much for posting about Orchid Grey… love her stuff too! I had to try out one of her hairstyles this evening ( So inspiring you ladies are!

  14. Good luck with all the final packing stuff. I hope everything calms down for you soon!

  15. I love how people are using brooches too! I personally had never considered wearing them before, but I finally bought my first brooch a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy! Here is how I wore it the first time:

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