Style File 11.12.09

Sorry for the non post yesterday, with a day off from school it quickly got filled up with moving stuff back and forth. We are almost all there! I took tomorrow off to finish moving all the little stuff and then Saturday we have a uhaul to finish everything up!

So are you guys so excited about our blogger meet up? We have some great giveaways instore and some awesome deals for our shopping crawl. We hope if you live anywhere in the area you will come out. You need to RSVP to be entered in the giveaways. We can’t wait to give you all the details!! And if you aren’t a fashion blogger but love fashion and maybe just thinking about blogging you are invited as well!

Ok on to a style file. I have been loving wearing shorts and tights together lately. I haven’t quite got back into jeans yet because I just love wearing tights so much so shorts and skirts are wear it’s at! Since high school I have had sort of an obession with anatomy. So I very much love this shirt! I also really like the necklace paired with it. I seriously could wear this necklace with everything!

blazer: target $9.99
tshirt: old navy $4.99
Jean shorts: Hand me down
necklace: from my grandma
tights: target $5

  1. Great outfit! I love the different picutes too (Go Kev!).

  2. Great outfit! Figures you have a meet-up when you leave Boston, so I can’t come… Geez.

  3. I love the way you’re back lit in the railway photo. Very nice shirt on a very nice deal….I totally dig the shorts w/blazer look as well as the tights with jean shorts. Way to rock it, lady!

  4. great outfit! but even BETTER location! I love the second photo, where your on therailroad tracks! So cool! The setting matches your outfit!

  5. You picture locations are always the BEST!! How do you find them? This outfit once again is adorable. Love those tights!


  6. emily f. •

    Supa cute Jen! Gosh dang I wish we were visiting the week of your event! That would be awesome!!! We are trying to come home for Christmas, so we just might get to see you guys around then!

  7. Oh my god that t-shirt is so awesome! And I love your hair that way, too.

  8. i wish i could come to the meet up!
    their are really no cool bloggers in my area (sad face)

    now…onto how cute you look, which is sooo cute!
    i love that outfit!! i too am obsessed with shorts and tights, my favourite.
    i wish i had a tripod and/or someone/time to take outfit photos…
    maybe in the new place…since there will be LOTS of natural light and therefore better photos.

  9. you got that shirt from Old Navy? It really looks like a dress that Rodarte is doing for Target!

  10. Really great combination! What a deal on the shirt.

    Question for you, since you are a master at layering tights. I am loving the knee/thigh high knit sock trend. I found some really adorable ones at Target, but I’m having trouble incorporating them into a look. Have any suggestions?

  11. Wow, cute outfit!
    the tights really add a special pop to it! 🙂

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