Teacher Style File 11.09.09

I am back! We now live (well we are not all there yet- well not even close but..) in an old mill building, so there are lots of great places to take style files. There are some really neat places to explore as its an old industrial area. I have decided that I am done with regular wrap around scarfs. They never stay put and I never wrap them in a way I like. I am now all about the tunnel or circle scarf. Best invention ever! They are so warm and I feel so cozy wearing them. I must find more! I love this little skirt because it has all these little flecks of colors in it- I was excited when I realized I had tights that matched exactly to the blueish color in the skirt.


Red Tunnel Scarf: Handmade
Blouse: Goodwill
Cream Leather Jacket: Silence and Noise (won from Weardrobe)
Wool Skirt: Old Navy (hand me down frommy sis)
Tights: Hue (TJ Maxx $5)
Flats: Steve Madden $40
Sunglasses: Target $12

  1. I think I need those tights (I just wish Australia was more inventive with its selection of tights – black, black patterned, brown, fishnets. That’s about your lot here! I have this one pair of fine grery tights that are slowly dying and after 6 months of searching for replacements – no luck. So sad.)

  2. Congrats on surviving the move! 😉 Love that jacket!

  3. Great outfit! I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new place!

    BTW, I agree on the circular scarf/cowl front – you should stop by my Etsy shop if you’re looking for more ;o)


  4. I want your scarf. And I’ve been considering trying to make one of my own, as I know how to knit, but I don’t have the right needles for it.

  5. i’m so jealous of the style-of-place you’re moving into! exciting, exciting.

  6. Welcome back! I love the tights. The colors of the tights and scarf are great together, and that’s such a pretty skirt.

    Did you switch jobs when you moved? Or do you now have a longer or shorter commute to your old job? I can’t wait to see pictures of your new place as you personalize it. Let me say again that your house was amazing. So pretty and so fun.

  7. Yay! I’m glad your back and I am excited about your new style file locations 🙂

  8. I want the scarf. You look so cute. Love the pop of blue.

  9. Congratulations! You look gorgeous. Love the colors. 🙂
    I’m so excited to see how you do up the new space…

  10. Great outfit, and I love the new picture options…Glad your back with more inspiration!

  11. YAY!!!! I missed your style files! And this location is so nice! Your outfit is great, as usual! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your new place! Glad your back Jen!

  12. love! love the colors and textures. love how the handmade scarf (great job btw) pics of the flecks in the skirt. love!

  13. Welcome back and welcome to your new home! So… this is one of my FAV outfit of yours! It is so simple, yet so fun and alive. I love the colors and how they alll go so well together. OOh and love the background of these photos.


  14. I love the colour of your scarf and tights together! I have tights that colour but can never decide what to pair them with, looks like rusty red is a good option!

  15. love the outfit and scarf! i really want to make a scarf like that myself – did you knit or crochet it??

  16. Jen, I love this outfit! The casual feel of the shirt and blazer, the vibrant colors of the tights and scarf. It’s all perfecto.

  17. ha these photos are so cute!

  18. OMG! I love your blog! And those blue tights are so cute. They really add to the outfit. I want to start stocking up on colored tights asap!

  19. I love the scarf! Been trying to find one online ever since I saw this. The color is great also!

  20. I really love the contrast of the blue tights and the red scarf! Those colors are perfect together. Beautiful 🙂

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