Over the Weekend

So I dont have many pictures so share. This weekend was good but we moved and packed and the packed and moved somemore and went to a funeral to support a close friend. I just have to say moving is def. not something I enjoy doing. I love unpacking and organzing and redecorating but the packing and moving part I can do without.

We got the keys to our new place on friday and it was great. We went out and got chinese food and some beer to celebrate, but getting back we realized- we dont have anything there to eat it with. haha. I luckily had packed and taken up a box of christmas decorations that had christmas plates in the bottom of it- so we used those. We also used my marathon medal that was in my purse as a bottle opener. It was fun though as we sat in an empty apt on the floor eating and drinking and playing pictureka. Which by the way is a super fun game.


  1. The Christmas dishes are great. It’s a silly thing that you’ll probably always remember. I like that. Can’t wait to see your new apartment all done up. Your house pics b4 and after were fun to look at again. Insipiring!

  2. Glad your getting settled, moving can be such a nightmare…but your new place looks puurrrtttyyyy cool!

  3. I have the complete opposite feelings about moving: I hate unpacking but LOVE packing. We should combine forces!

  4. Ha ha. That reminds me of when we moved out of our parents homes & into our first apartment together. I totally forgot to pack the silverware! Luckily we had chopsticks from a sushi set handy. Eating macaroni salad was challenging.

  5. Just to clarify to anyone who’s wondering: That “bon fire” is actually me burning receipts from years and years ago. I’ve always wanted to burn sensitive information.

  6. haha thanks for that clarification my dear.

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