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One of my favorite things about blogging is the inspiration and community that is out there. haha sometimes its alittle overwhelming when my google reader just gives up and says 1000+ posts to read, but I do really enjoy going thru each blog and looking at others styles, food, art and crafts and home decorations.

As far as fashion is concerned there are so many blogger out there that I take inspiration from (you can tell by my long blogroll) but I do have 2 favorites that I seriously can not get enough of. They are quite different from each other, but they both suite my flip-flopping styles. I love love love vintage inspired outfits, I love old skirts and dresses but then on the other had a have a love for leather, sequins and a much more modern look. I try to mix the two alot in my outfits but some days I just lean more toward one than the other. That is why I love Le Blog de Betty and Sally Jane Vintage!! I could spend hours looking at their blogs. They truly inspire me with every outfit they post.

Le Blog de Betty: I love her for her use of leather, sequins, blazers and denim. She always has this feminine touch mixed alot of edge and fun. I like her so much because of that fun factor. She seems like she really loves to get dressed in the morning.

Sally Jane Vintage: I love the romance that surrounds her outfits and photos. She creates this magical world that revolves around her gorgeous outfits. I love all her vintage dresses, skirts and blouses and she looks darn good in a beret!

What bloggers inspire you the most?

Well I wish everyone a happy happy weekend! I am off to Albany right after school to get our keys for OUR NEW PLACE!!! The moving is officially underway!

When I return to my blog on Monday I will be back to regular posting and will have a NEW Style file to post!!Yay!!! Its been weird not doing it for the last little while- its been like something is missing from my life. hehe

  1. These ladies are two of my favorites! I think my other faves are the glamourai, Ringo Have a Banana, and Keiko Lynn!

  2. Not to be a suck-up or anything, but your blog inspires me! I love your outfits!

  3. Of course I love you a ton! I also love Young House Love, and All Bower Power…anything with fashion, decorating and people who are open with their lives. I always love when bloggers share! Thanks for being great Jen! I will have to check out your blog inspirations as well.

  4. Thanks so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy my blog and that in return, I’ve now discovered your lovely blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I know what you mean when you saying your Google reader reaches more then 1000! It’s quite overwhelming at times and it’s always a pleasure to go through.

    My personal favorites are The Clothes Horse, Rockstar Diaries, Darling Dexter, Bliss, Karla’s Closet, My Cakies, The Cherry Blossom Girl, The Owls Are Not What They Seem, Fine Little Day (although this isn’t a fashion blog it’s more photography but it still inspires me every day), and Cupcakes and Cashmere….just to name a few 😛

  6. I have added them both to my blog roll. Good Luck with the move.

  7. Your blog inspires me! I’ve been wanted to do my own fashion/outfit posts for some time now, but I always get discouraged because see others doing the same thing & they have amazing photo quality. You’re lucky you’re married to a photographer 🙂

  8. My favorites are Le Blog de Betty, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Song of the Exile, What I Wore, What I Wore Today, District of Chic and Strawberry Kitten.

  9. i am plus size, so i sometimes need a little extra inspiration. i love two blogs that arent in english, but the pictures speak volumes. le blog de big beauty is awesome, she is so classy. and then there are two girls, finnish maybe? who run more to love and they just seem like they are having a lot of fun. there is also an australian girl running frcks and frou frou and she is so pretty, it makes her clothes look even better.

  10. Jen ,

    I know many have (and will!) say this… but your blog has inspired me. First, to branch out in fashion and getting dressed in the morning – not just throwing on clothes. I am studying to become a nurse but reading your blog has opened up a new mindset. I no longer look at caring about my outfit as something that takes to long, my self-confidence is certianly boosted! Your blog has also introduced me to this wonderful world of bloggers. I have come to enjoy stepping into the worlds of all these young women and you all truely inspire me to be thrify and smart – yet still cute. When I used to stress over one day having a home to HAVE to decorate… now I cannot wait to have a home I GET to decorate! As well as vernture into being creative and even learning to sew more than the ribbions on my pointe shoes. (slowly learning of course!) Finally, your blog has inspired me to one day start my own blog. I simply do not have the time to start one now… but I have so many ideas swimming in my head about one day starting a blog like you and all the other wonderful ladies out there. I love to write and I think blogging will be an excellent way for me to incorporate it into my life. (I wouldn’t have even considered it if I hadn’t stumbled on your blog!)
    I am sorry that was so long – probably should have been a post on a blog itself! But, I wanted to thank you for all your inspiration 🙂

  11. Having been in the realm of academics for the last five years, I’m still stuck on the ladies of Academichic ( as perhhaps one of my top fave blogger fashion inspiration. But! I love your blog’s layout! It says so much and makes me want to know more and to keep reading. So jealous of your skills 🙂

  12. I love Le Blog de Betty! I seriously want those criss-cross strappy black heels she wears all the time.

    Darling Dexter is definitely one of my favourites. The fact that she makes so many of her clothes is so inspiring!

  13. I’m on a mission to create the Ultimate Happy Playlist. Please help me out by letting me know what song instantly makes you happy when you hear it!

  14. Betty is one of my top favourites, and I love her friend Tokyobanhbao’s blog too (a little bit more sober than Betty). I also read a lot of Susie Bubble (StyleBubble), she is so individual, she does her own thing regardless of anyone or any style rule, a real inspiration.

  15. Jen – your blog fo sho inspires me! I also LOVE Acadmichic (those ladies know a thing or two about color and dressing for body shape!), La Rue Neuve and Fell 4 Fashion. Christen from La Rue is just adorable and has the most adventurous style! Danielle from F4F puts together great outfits that complement her shape so well! Anyway… this is a great post… both finding out more about your inspiration AND the inspiration of your readers!

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