Saying Goodbye to our 1st house

We closed on this house on our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was a very magical day- to be a home owner and to be celebrating a wedding anniversary. This is a picture from that night as we ate and drank champange on the floor of a house we had no furniture for. hehe I will always remember that night! (we always take a wedding anniversary photo showing how many years its been- as you can see its been 2)

2 years

Tomorrow we get the keys to our new apartment and although I am very excited, I am also having mini melt downs a couple times a day as we offically start to leave our 1st house. Moving is super stressful! There is so much to take care of- let alone change states- so now we need new drivers licenses, license plates, health insurance and car insurance etc.. we will wory about that another time though right now I want to share some before and after pictures of the house as I say goodbye to our home. We worked really hard on the house for the short time we lived here (a year and a half almost). Its fun to look back and see what we started with… Its an old farm style home, 100 yrs old to be exact. It has great character and sort of looks like a doll house to me. This picture was taken in the winter so its sort of gray but there are some really great maple trees around the property.


Here was the Kitchen BEFORE:


Here is our AFTER:


Here was the Living Room/Dining Room BEFORE:


Here is our Living Room/Dining Room AFTER:


The den/office BEFORE:


Our den/office AFTER:


and then to say goodbye to my favorite room in our house… our bedroom. Its so pretty in there but i know I will make our new bedroom just as nice.


it was a nice home and we made a lot of great memories here but its time to move on to the next chapter in our life. haha kev joked with my mom the other day when she said that saying “and its going to be a big book”. We are a couple who wont settle, we follow our dreams and we move forward, never looking back, we have each other and that is all the matters.

I can’t wait to show you pics of our new apt. its pretty sweet. Its in an old mill building so it has super high ceilings and old mill wood floors and exposed duct work. Its very nice!

and remember THIS MONDAY!! teacher style files will start again. Only 4 more days!!!

  1. You guys did so much to your first home. It’s so cute! I’m sure, like you said, that you will make your new home (even if it an apartment) just as homey and nice. I can’t wait to see photos of the new place. And how exciting to be moving on to a new adventure!

  2. You guys really put a loving touch on your old home, it was so cute, and so you! I feel for your pain during moving…it stinks! Just hold on and it will come out great in the end. You guys are a super special couple!

  3. oh my goodness!!!!! u have got to come decorate my house!!!!! what a vision you have and so fabulous! can’t wait to see pics of what you do to your new place 🙂

  4. The hub and I just moved into our 2nd home together this August and I also had mini (and some not so mini) meltdowns during our move. Even now as I sit in my new living room and stare at the piles of furniture that do not fit up the stairwell of our 130 year old house and are awaiting sale on Craigslist, I do not miss the old place anymore. New chapters are SO exciting and I hope you enjoy yours to the fullest!!! Love your blog!!!

  5. You did such a great job on that place – in fact that’s how I found your blog, through your makeovers on design*sponge. I’m looking forward to see how the next place will look – before and after 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous house. I love the green in the kitchen!!! Cute cat. I’m looking forward to seeing how you apply your creativity and style to a new space.

  7. I too hate moving. But just think, now someone else will be able to make wonderful memories in your old home, and you’ll be making new memories in the next chapter of your life. Also, I’m a sucker for a loft.

  8. What a sweet house! I can totally see why you’d be sad to leave it. I cried like a baby when the hubby and I moved out of our first apartment–even though it meant we were moving into our house. I can’t imagine if we ever move out of the house…I’ll be soooooo sad. I’m jealous you get to decorate all over again, though…after 5 years I’m ready to start over again in our house just b/c I’m bored! 😉

  9. wow, what amazing improvements! i really love your attitude about life. very refreshing! i really can’t wait to see pictures of the new apartment-sounds gorgeous!!

  10. elizabeth •

    I’m de-lurking to say WOW! As an interior designer, I’m a little hard to impress… but my heart may have skipped a beat and I definitely gasped when I saw the “after” pictures. You did a great job and I’m super excited to see what you come up with for the new place.

  11. Wow, Jen, what a momentous time in your lives! Of course you are on the brink of meltdowns… I get that way every time I move between rentals, so I can understand how emotional leaving your first house must be! The way you and Kev made the house your home takes my breath away… it is absolutely gorgeous, personal, and fun, like you! Anyway… good luck with the move… and can’t wait for the return of the style files 🙂

  12. As I said before when I linked to your blog on our site, one of the things that right away drew me in was the amazing use of color in your home. It looked wonderful and I have no doubt that your new place will be all sorts of amazing once you get your hands on it. Can’t wait to see it! S.

  13. wow, what an amazing transformation!! you did such a great job! good luck with your move

  14. You guys have worked wonders on that house! I’m sure you will do the same with the new apartment!

  15. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! You did a great job redecorating the house! Saying goodbye to the first house is always bittersweet. But it’s a great start of another new journey.

  16. Moving is stressful! Good luck with your move 🙂 My husband and I are currently moving back to downtown Seattle. We rented out our house we own that we love and also put a lot of work into and we are moving into our second propery in the heart of Seattle. On the downside I won’t have as much living space but on the upside everything is walkable so hardly anymore driving in bad Seattle traffic 🙂

  17. Wow, you did such a wonderful job on transforming the house into a home, Jen! May I ask where you got your bookshelf in your dining room? I LOVE it! Good luck moving!! 🙂

    – Kelly

  18. It’s amazing how many places you’ve already lived! Your old home is so lovely. A true example that you can mix hip/modern style with something old. I can’t wait to see your new apartment. It sounds amazing!

    Moving is such an ordeal. After packing, it took us from 9am Saturday morning until 4:00 am the next day, just to move everything. And that was in the same city. I can’t even fathom an out of state move.

  19. Your After Pictures are so wonderful! Reading your post just made me realize that my moving date is quickly arriving! My husband got a great promotion in another country and we’ll be saying goodbye to our home and the US!!! I know that there will be many mini and not so mini meltdowns in my future. Good luck moving and I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new home.

  20. your house was PERFECT!! ahhhh…that is exactly what i want when i ‘grow up’ haha aka: when mikey and i get our own place. you were so lucky to own such a beautiful house…inside and out (the outside is sooo cute!) but i have no doubts in my mind that you will be making the new place absolutely gorgeous as well.

    ps: why did you decide to move??

  21. aww yay! I love your home pictures, the reminder of how cute it is was nice! It also reminded me about how much I wish I had a real sofa and living room area!!! ahh! So excited for you two! But now I’m wondering, did I miss the post that talked about where and why you decided to move?

  22. Oh my gosh, your “after” pics are fantastic! Love what you did with the walls/paint…such a transformation! Love your design style!:)

  23. Wow, you made your house look amazing.
    Saying goodbye to things is always hard, but i’m sure you will make your new home just as gorgeous as your last one!

    good luck moving!

  24. Congratulations on moving. I’m sure your new apartment will be as awesome as your lovely house. I love the lime green kitchen!

  25. Congrats on the new house! I’m sure you will make it look as great as the first one!

  26. I love this. That green is INCREDIBLE. I remember seeing the bedroom makeover on DesignSponge. I think the Kitchen might be my favorite though!
    I’m sure you’ll make your new apartment incredibly beautiful!

  27. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you everyone for all the sweet and heart warming comments!!

    @Kelly the shelves are from ikea.

    We are moving to be closer to kevs work, friends and our church.

  28. aw jen your house was so pretty! i’m excited to see your new apt. i’m sure this is such a big change (and a lot of hard work) but you’re going to get through it and have an amazing new life to show for it. i’m so excited for you! xox

  29. Your house is….BEAUTIFUL! I hope than when I get a house one day that it can look even half as good! Wow. I especially love the color you painted the kitchen walls. And that little wire black kitty in the kitchen next to your trash can…wherever did you get it? I’d love to have something like that. All the decor, furniture, paint, etc in your house is so chic! Such clean lines and a kin of funky elegance. You are a big inspiration!

  30. Oh yeah, I also like your idea of taking pictures of each wedding anniversary with fingers showing the number of years. My first year already passed, but I think Kenny and I will start doing that now.

  31. Mallory •

    WOW! Your house is AMAZING. Have you ever visited Your home should definitely be featured in one of their “hot house” tours! 🙂

  32. amazing decorating! oh so cute… it would be quite sad to leave that house, i am sure… 🙁 but anyway, have fun with your new place… can’t wait for pictures!!

  33. […] and wish that I could have a home of my own to make over in such an adorable fashion. Check out their post on the transformation for some interior […]

  34. 1. I know how you feel about leaving your first house. our goal is to have our 1st house on the market on March 1st and I’m already sad. While I would love more space, this is our first home and that’s a little special.
    2. You have impecable interior design taste. I always check your style files loving the outfits but I’m always amazed at your great backgrounds in your house and … how clean it is… haha
    3. So, you’re moving to a new state but not far away… keeping the same job and all? I think…
    All the best xo

  35. When Anthony and I were moving down to GA we bought the new DMB cd to have something different to listen to while packing and driving down. The last song on the cd was perfect for the situation and it became our theme song for the trip. This post reminds me of it. It’s called You and Me. If you haven’t heard it look it up.

  36. Dawn Marie •

    Oh my, I wish I had known this house was on the market. I would have sold mine just to move in. Love this home. I am north of Boston and just being nosey, I was wondering what town this was in.

    Congrats on the new place. I am sure with your decorating talent it will be beautiful.

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