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Hey There! Are you enjoying the new time change? As much as it is a bummer that it’s dark at like 5, I can’t help but be happier that its not pitch dark when I get up in the morning. It makes it just a little bit easier!

Today I thought we could look back thru all the style file posts and look at some of my all time favorites. I have picked out my top 9 favorites. I liked each of them for different reasons, some even based on what was happening the day I was wearing the outfit but all in all I think they were great. Its fun to look back and see how you evolve. You can check out all my teacher style file post here to see others if you want.

Out of the 9 below what outfit do you think works best?


Remember Style File Posts Resume on Monday Nov. 9th!!! Only 6 more days!!

  1. I think I’ll vote for #2. I just love the vibrant blue/polka dots with the structured jacket. All of them are great! 🙂

  2. I can’t decide! I love #1for the trench, the colors, the dress, and the shapes.
    I love #6 for the pencil! I love #9 for the skirt and the overall feeling of this shot!

  3. I can’t decide between #2 and #6… both awesome!!!!

  4. I like #1 and #6!

  5. My votes are #3 and 4. Love them all though.

  6. #1!

  7. I love #1. Not just the clothes, but the entire picture is just awesome.

  8. Well my fave is #5, but I love #2, #3 and #1 🙂

  9. I love # 1 and #8, but 4 is awesome too! ; )

  10. all are super cute, but 1 and 4 are my faves!!!

  11. Seriously, they are all cute as hell. But… I think my favorite is definitely #1. Love it.

  12. So great, all of them! You have a wonderful eye for style! If I had to choose, I’d say that 1, 3 and 7 all stand out to me in particular. I love how unique 3 is, and 1 and 7 are just so elegant (and yes, I know that 7 was meant as a costume). 🙂

    Keep on rocking those style fyles! S.

  13. I love 2, 4, and 5 – I can’t choose between them! Super cute.

  14. 1, 3 and 7 are my favorites!

  15. i love 2,3 & 4

  16. love #4, i’m a huge fan of the preppy look

  17. Ahhh! I love them all. 🙂
    I think #2… but, seriously, how could you decide?
    I’ll just rearrange the order… # 2, 1, 7, 4, 8, 3, 5, 6, 9.

  18. i love 2 and 3! that skirt is so cute and i love the black and neutral look.

  19. i love 2 and 8! but all are cute!

    hope the move is going well

  20. number 1 and number 7

  21. My favouites are 2 and 7. I must have a thing for blue polka dots!

  22. 1 and 8 for sure! I just loved that coat in 1 and I love everything about 8!!

  23. I loooooove #1. You go girl.

  24. 7 and 2 are my absolute favorites!

  25. 5&6 are my favs!!

  26. 2, 3 & 9 are my faves.

  27. 2, 4, 7 & 9 are so wonderful!

  28. 1 and 3! These two outfits are perfect for all seasons.

  29. I’m loving 5 and 9 🙂

  30. So many good outfits! I think number 2 is my favorite, the skirt is just adorable… but number 9 isn’t too far behind. I can’t wait for more of your style files!

  31. i like no. 1 the best. simple and classic.

  32. I love them all, but the trench in #1 caught my eye.

  33. Brianne •

    #5 is my favorite. I love the strappy shoes and the layered material in skirt part of the dress!

  34. Absolutely number 2! I remember seeing that when you first posted it and I think it might be my favorite style file of all time. It’s super fun but then it’s also a bit structured, it’s great!

  35. It is a tie for me. I love 3 and 5!

  36. I think #2 or #8 are my favorites, but they’re all pretty nice outfits!

  37. in no order 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9… i just love all of these! you are always adorable though!

  38. i just discovered your blog, and i’m so glad i did! it looks beautiful and your style is impeccable. looks 2, 4, and 7 are my favorites.

  39. #1 because I am obsessed with that color palate right now.

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