Halloween 2009

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ok now on to halloween. Our plan this weekend was to pack pack move move. My parents came out on saturday morning with their expedition and we packed it full of stuff you just don’t need when you live in an apt. but stuff that we didnt want get rid of because we would need it when we got back in to a house eventually. We packed out element as well and headed back out to the worcester area where are parents live. We were just planning on laying low that night but after a call to Adam and a unexpected meeting with our friends Beth and Adam(another adam) at savers we all planned on going to our friends Sarah and Damien’s Circus Halloween party. It turned out to be a great night. It was so nice to see everyone. With living 1.5 hours away we don’t get to see our old friends too much. We headed to the Lucky Dog around 11 to go hang out with Punky who was Bartending that night. I loved loved loved our costumes. I was some sort of clown trapeze artist, Kev was the most amazing sad clown, adam was a zombie kid, Beth and Erica were Lion tamer and Lion and Adam was an Evil Knievel kinda person. We were the perfect circus group. We ended the night with some very late night breakfast at the Kenmore Diner. Mmm chocolate pancakes at 3am!



  1. i LOVE your hair/face!!! so great! and kev’s face is awesome too! good job guys esp for last minute!!!

  2. For planning to lay low on Halloween you sure came up with some awesome last minute costumes!

  3. really great costumes. i love how you always make regular clothes look like costumes with hair and makeup. looks like a really fun night.

  4. cute makeup! i was just saying yesterday that the best group idea would be circus themed — animals and freaks (bearded lady!) and glitz — something for everyone.

  5. A tube of fake blood is definitely the way to go for scary Halloween. It’s worth the $3 🙂

  6. We’re so glad you guys made it to our party and that you brought friends. We’re already hard at work on next year’s theme. It was nice to see you:) Good luck with your move!

  7. Wow! You all looked amazing!

  8. Kev’s face and your hair are amazing, well done!

  9. You guys were NOT playing around! These were great costumes!

  10. I think the problem is not wearing costumes but, the drinking, puking, shouting and general level of mayhem and disruption caused. Of course the trains are owned by the train company and it is within their rights to ask the police to prevent their property being used as a venue for a boozarama. You would think people might just respect their wishes and have a party somewhere else but its just another case of some gaijin just doing what they want and playing the victim when they are asked not to.

    Never mind the fact that the authorities in almost any other country would clamp down on turning the public transport intoa party venue for the evening.
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