Teacher Style File 10.27.09

I have been hitting the jackpot at the goodwill lately. Everytime I go I seem to find awesome treasures (well to me anyways!) I saw this sweater last time and feel in love. Its super mod like, a good length and color and very warm. I paired it with some black skinny jeans, a little pair of heels and a necklace from my grandma’s bags of goodies she gave me. I really like the look, what do you think? Have you been finding anything great at thrift stores lately?


Sweater: Goodwill $3
Jeans: UO BDG
Patent Bow Heels: Target $20
Necklace: Gift from Grandma

  1. ohh i love it – you look great!

    i might sound dumb but what is UO BDG? i want a good pair of black skinny jeans – the ones i have are faded and i HATE that!

  2. uo= urban outfitters and BDG is just the brand of jeans they carry.

  3. That is such a great sweater! I’ve been having great luck at thrift stores lately too, which is nice timing since I have NO spending money. Yay for Goodwill!

  4. ADORABLE!!! lovelovelove the sweater!!! what a find!

  5. Love the outfit! I need to go thrifting more, so I find some good stuff.

  6. Love it all!!! I haven’t had much luck lately thrifting, I’ll keep trying, which is the fun of thrifting!! 🙂

  7. There is a Value Village near my place now and it is huge. I really want to take a night off and go there, I thnk it would be easier if I were alone. I never have really good luck in stores like that, but it’s right near a highly Jewish populated area and they always have good things to give away.

  8. very cute, love your sweater- what a great find! I was at a Salvos the other day in Fitchburg and found a fur vest (currently being borrowed for an “El Chupacabre” halloween costume), some plaid shirts, and a dress from H&M. I think thrift shopping is so much more satisfying that mall shopping, and so much cheaper!

  9. Hmmm…I have red hair so I’m not big on the red shirts. But I love the necklace! And NO I’m not finding anything good in thrift stores! Thrift stores seriously do not exist in Colombia! It’s terrible. Neither does Forever 21 or H&M….so essentially I live vicariously through you and your shopping experiences 🙂 Please continue…

  10. My boyfriend just found me an Yves St. Laurent high-waist *leather* pencil skirt with front slit pockets for $3. THREE DOLLARS!

    Yeah, I’m excited.

  11. Iris, WOW! what a find!!

  12. This sweater looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful color too! What a wonderful find!

  13. love this 🙂 it’s just perfect.

  14. Hi there! I love your blog 🙂 Great find on the sweater! I find that I have really good luck finding some things, like designer bags and nice boots, but have trouble finding specific things I’m looking for, like JCrew flats.

    You should check out my thrifting blog, isanotherstreasure.blogspot.com 🙂


  15. Gorgeous. I love that burnt orange color. Very chic for Fall.

  16. I really wish I had more patience for thrifting. I am just so lazy when it comes to shopping. Super cute outfit, by the way!

  17. very chanel!

  18. So pretty! Love the necklace and great thrifting score. I’ve found about 10 great pieces at thrift stores in the last week, so I’m cut-off until Dec. 1st…

  19. i love the rich colour of the sweater, what an awesome find 🙂

  20. Great find! My luck with thrifting this week has not been as good. But I am looking for specific items for Halloween so that’s probably why. Love your sweater!

  21. ahh, the sweater is amazing! i love it with the chunky necklace. very stylish grandma. no?

  22. wow, i loove your red sweater! I’m insanely jealous now ;p


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