Over the Weekend Pt. 2

I went to bed friday night not knowing what I was going to dress as for the Overit Halloween party. Maybe as I slept I dreamt of old cartoon shows I watched because I had just posted my She-Ra picture, anways I woke up singing the theme song to Jem and I knew that’s who I wanted to be. Now it made me feel really old when I told people who I was and they didnt remember who that was. Maybe you have to be around the 27yrs old age and a girl to remember because other than that a lot of people didnt know. Oh well. I loved it. Kev was Jem’s Road/stage manager Rio. haha we looked awesome.

The party was for Kev’s work. It was at the owner Dan’s house and it was a lot of fun- they had so much food and great decorations. I am happy for kev that he has so many friends at work!



Photos by Kev and Jon

  1. ohhh ive always wanted to be JEM! i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! good idea!!!

  2. What a great costume! Who doesn’t remember JEM? That’s weird. However, I am a 27 year old girl so…I guess you’re right. Ha.

  3. Jem was F*&%en awesome! I remember Jem and probably have the books somewhere still..

    haha…Jen was Jem….I found it funny…don’t judge…lol

  4. I had a Jem coloring book! Loved the cartoon too. Great costume!

  5. Haha, I totally remember Jem! I wanted the girls in my office to all dress up as Barbie and the Rockers but no one even knew what I was talking about. Your costume is awesome. 🙂

  6. what a great weekend…i wish i had such weekends. great costume, funny pics.
    and i wish it was cold here as it seems to be there……

  7. wow, it looks like you guys had so much fun! you make a perfect Jem, too!

  8. JEM! Truly outrageous…

    I totally remember that cartoon (although I’m 28 hehe). I also remember having a Jem doll & none of my Barbie’s clothes fitting on Jem. She was way too tall with tiny boobs…lol

  9. I loved Jem when I was a little girl (now i’m 30…), I used to see it here in Italy!
    Your idea was great, very very original! Love it!

  10. how cute! you two look great!

  11. michelle w •

    ok one of the guys in the pics looks like ashton kutcher. lol

  12. OMG! SO FUN!!!

  13. Oh I LOVE Jem!!!
    My sister and I ALWAYS picked Jem videos when we rented videos. Even if we’d seen them 100 times before.

  14. jem and the holograms! did you have the sparkly pink star earrings??
    i totally remember her and i’m only 23…can’t believe more people didn’t know!

  15. ah great costume, and you look like your having so much fun!

  16. Gem & The Holograms! Woo wooooooo

  17. Awesome costume! I loved Jem. I still maintain her dual identity inspired Hanna Montana. Great work!

  18. the wig is hilarious!

  19. Great costume! I used to watch J.E.M.!! (early 30’s girl here) My neighbor (now a 27 year old girl!!) had the J.E.M. doll with the light up red star earrings!!

  20. OMG! This is awesome, Jen! haha.

  21. too cute! jem was one of my favorite shows growing up!

  22. Love the costume. I had a Jem doll, I think he earrings and something else lit up…and you would take her from “day” to “night” with her outfits. And she was too big to fit barbie’s clothes.

  23. Jem! Yes! Another proud owner of a Jem doll (with audio tape) here – and 26 years old 🙂

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