Over the Weekend Pt. 1

So we had a busy weekend! Friday I got to go to NYC to visit with my friend Laura. We have been best friends since like 6th grade. We met when I lived on Long Island in middle school, she recently moved off the island to GA and was back for a visit. It was great to see her. Its always like we never left each other, we just pick up where we left off the last time. I truly treasure our friendship!!!

Saturday we went to a halloween party but that will be in the next post!

Sunday when we got home from Jon and Carrie’s, our friends Mike and Erin came over for some fall fun and a yummy dinner. We love hanging out with them, I feel like we just laugh the entire time. We love them to death! We all meet in college and have been friends ever since. They recently opened the road to the top of Mt. Greylock (which is the highest mt. in MA) so we drove up and walked around, took some fake band photos, and got some delicious apple cider. Haha we took band photos because as we were posing for some group photos someone mentioned it looked like the typically cheesy band photo and then we couldnt stop taking stupid pictures. We also had a conversation about rolling down the mountain or if it was possible to fall of the side. Right after that as kev and me were taking a picture together and Kev heard some noise to his right and for some reason it startled him thinking someone was falling off the mountain haha mike captured the moment perfectly! It was a beautiful fall day with great friends!!

Me and Laura:

Kev’s look of concern (haha)…


Our band photos

Since college me and erin have played a game called the get warm dance, well I guess its not a game but we just jump up and down next to each other to keep warm. haha it works good. Mike joined us this time.


  1. great pics. that one band pic with kev in the front was funny – kev looks like he was channeling his inner top model! You sure did have a busy weekend. Miss you!

  2. Ha! Love your band photos. hahaha!

  3. Great photos! I love the band shots. Super cute!

  4. Awesome photos!

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