Happy Weekend

I wish everyone a happy weekend! I am off to NYC to visit my bestest friend who has flown in from GA. I am super excited to see her. We are also going to a halloween party with everyone from Kev’s work. We haven’t quite decided what we are going to be yet but it will prob. be some kind of zombie. I like being a zombie. Last year I was 80’s zombies and a mime zombie for another party. Next week I plan on sharing some past halloween costumes but I leave you this weekend with one of my favorite halloween costumes ever. My mom was so good to us, she made us the best costumes ever!! I was really into She-Ra…


Oh man I love this picture of my self. Maybe I should be She-Ra again. That would be funny, a now and then kind of picture. Hmmm? a She-Ra Zombie?

Well have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for commenting this week on the posts you guys are the greatest!!!

  1. Haha, cool picture! We didn’t have halloween here when I was a kid, but my mom used to make me costumes for carnival (I think it’s mardi grass in the US?), my favourite one was the Chinese outfit. Too bad I don’t have pictures.
    It would be really cool if you’d go as She-Ra again, do you think you can persuade Kev into going as He-Man?

  2. Hilarious…cute…amazing…

  3. Sooo freakin cute! I loved SHe Ra and I always thought that her and He Man should hook up. Then I learned they were brother and sister…BOO!

  4. ohh this is just amazing!!! i LOVE it!!!

  5. How adorable! Little cutie-pie! The costume is fantastic!

  6. That’s definitely a great picture of you!!! I’m from GA too!!!

  7. As someone who has followed your blog for a few months now and really loved getting to know you, I absolutely love this picture! I figured I couldn’t “lurk” anymore and had to tell you how awesome that costume is! What a cool mom to make such an elaborate costume. That’s so great!

  8. This costume is awesome! And you look exactly like you look now, just much younger. A then-and-now She-Ra idea is awesome. Too bad the only photos I have from my youth are from the time my mom dressed me up as a giant, stuffed pumpkin. Not something I’m interested in recreating! 🙂

  9. @Chrissy haha don’t worry I have my fair share of costumes like that as well!

    @Kate thanks for introducing yourself!!!

    And yes that is what everyone says I look exactly the same as I did when I was a kid. It’s actually pretty funny!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  10. look at you…what a gorgeous little girl.
    beautiful hair! and very cute costume.

  11. So cute! I love it.

  12. too cute!

  13. You should go as Price is Right Contestants! If it wasn’t about my 14-month old this year, that’s what my fiance and I would be. All you need is the name tags and a home-made “I love Bob” t-shirt or something!

    <3 Montanna

  14. Erin A. •

    What a cute costume! So cool your mom made that – now I know where you get your talents from! Zombie She Ra would be awesome.

  15. Great halloween costume or GREATEST?

  16. haha! this is the cutest thing!

  17. That is AWESOME!!! My mom made all of my costumes growing up to and I think my favorite one was I was a “card” from Alice in Wonderland. It was supercool and I carried a little paint can with red paint “spilled” all over it and a paint brush … so fun!! Halloween is my favorite holiday!! Whoo-hoo! Have a great weekend!

  18. That costume is amazing.

  19. Wow you are completely sending me back to my childhood!! I loved She-Ra! Anyway, adorable picture 🙂

  20. oh wow you are so adorable!! fantastic costume!

  21. you are too adorable and that fantastic costume!

  22. Oh my gosh you were the cutest kid ever!

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