Teacher Style File 10.23.09

Ok Ok so I am so excited to post this outfit!! Yesterday started as a good day. As many High School teachers experience there is a week usually in mid october called Spirit Week. There is lots of dressing up during this week, and well a bonfire, a pep rally, a football game and a homecoming. Well this past week was our spirit week. I really didn’t dress up for most of it. I was not about to wear my PJ’s to school on Monday but I was super excited for yesterday. Every grade in school got a decade to dress up as. The faculty got the 1940’s!! I didn’t want to go buy a whole new outfit for it so I just looked around my closet and Viola! Here is what I came up with…


Everyone loved it!! It was funny because kids and teachers kept commenting on what a good costume it was but it was all my regular clothes- ha!. No, I don’t usually wear a fur around my neck but it was called for today. The kids liked to point out how funny it was that I was wearing fur when I am a vegetarian. It was my grandma’s so what can I say- I love my grandma more than being an activist. I def. would not buy any fur anything now but since she gave it to me. I will keep it forever. So as I was saying it started out a good day but as I got out of my car to go into school I dropped my iphone and shattered the glass on the front screen. DOH! Thats a whole other story though. Another time…

Fur: Grandma (priceless)
Brooches: Grandma (also Priceless)
Ring: ?
Blouse: Goodwill $4.99
Skirt: Goodwill $4ish
Tights: Hand-me-down from my sister
Shoes: Payless like a million years ago
Headband: a quick jenloveskev creation this morning at 6:30am

  1. Oh I love this! Especially the brooches and ring, they are just darling!

  2. I like this very much. I don’t think it even looks costumey. Great vintage brooches!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the fur!!!

  4. Looks like you teach at a fantastically fun school!

  5. love it!! since i’m a vegi myself i wouldn’t wear fur but it looks gorgeous on u.

  6. This looks great, I especially love the brooches and the ring, what fabulous treasures! S.

  7. This is a really great outfit! And kudos to you for making headbands at 6:30 am!
    I had a fur stole from my grandma too but it had a head 🙁 that was too creepy for me.

  8. I used to own those shoes from Payless. I don’t know what happened to them! Haha

  9. The fur is precious. I also don’t wear fur but I am not an activist…I love my leather though..
    I really believe that if it is a hand me down or vintage its okay to sport. You look smashing and I am head over heels for that ring!

  10. i love that ring!! this outfit is really nice and classic. The blue top (which I love) with the fur is a great mix of colors! I want to wear this too! haha! Nice Job Jen!

  11. This outfit is gorgeous and a lot of fun! I love the placement of the brooches.

  12. Thanks everyone!

  13. Brittany •

    What a great outfit!

  14. holy comments! okay… so one of my fav parts of your blog is the recipes even tho I come here for the OUTFITS! so cool… i am also like, a jen wannabe, last weekend we watched jen recommended movies (sunshine cleaning) and everyone i know is eating the jenloveskev soup right now… creepy — this weekend is all about the tofu!

    also, i can’t wait until i live with my kev (spiritual equivilent) so that he can take pics of my spanky outfits which will make getting the outfits together so much more fun!

  15. I agree with all your coworkers and students, that is an awesome outfit! Very YOU, and not costumey all, yet still era appropriate. Home run!

  16. Wow. This outfit is stunning! 🙂 Love it.

  17. I love the fur collar. I just this morning blogged about fur. I inherited a fake fur coat from my husband’s grandmother and I wondered if I should get it out of storage and wear it.

    this is just darling and I LOVE the little burst coming off your bum. I know its from the camera but it makes you look like your magical.

  18. amazing. i love the outfit!

  19. man, spirit week has been running rampant in Massachusetts! I was at a school the other day and everyone was dressed like cats- no joke (to their credit, I think the mascot was a wildcat…but still). This us a beautiful outfit on it’s own as well, I’m all for used fur- I think it’s better to put it to use than throw it out! The color is beautiful!

  20. What a gorgeous 40s outfit! I especially love the color of that blouse and the touches of jewelry.

  21. ok i love it and for 6:30 you look great! you are too funny, jen.

  22. You look beautiful, lady! Fur real! (that was bad… I’ll stop now.)

  23. I love the colors in your outfit! I also love the first photo — the lens flare looks suitably spectral :-).

  24. This is so going in my inspiration folder.

  25. you inspire me. i love the brooches and ring…a few vintage details that go a long way!

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