Style File 10.22.09

Sorry for the lack of a style file post yesterday. Life just happened and I didn’t get to it. I am starting to find it hard to keep up with everything with working full time and more (being a teacher doesn’t end when school does), the blog, crafts, keep my house clean, running, cooking, spending time with Kev and friends and getting enough sleep, but I love everything so on I go! No complaining just a deep breath.

I am really really excited about this style file!!! I have been so inspired lately by bloggers DIY studding projects. I loved Krystal’s Studded Booties and especially loved Jess’s Studded Jacket. When I was younger I lived in a studded belt. It was my everyday staple. I had this belt that I loved because everyone else had a 3 row small studded belt but I had a 2 row larger studded belt and I would not leave the house without it. haha yes its embarrassing. I wore that thing till it ripped thru the leather. When it died I took off all the studs to save for I had no idea what but I just could let them go. 7 years later that ziplock bag of studs was still sitting in my craft room until yesterday. I found this little tweed jacket/sweater thing at the goodwill and knew this is what the studs needed to be used for. I like that the studs are beat up and scratched because its like the history of my high school/college years around my neck now. What do you think? Do you like my studded jacket? I am pretty happy with it. I only had enough studs to do the neckline.

Let me know what you think!!!

Jacket: Goodwill $6.99
White shirt: H&M
Jean Cutoffs: Were old Gap Jeans
Tights: Target $5
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70
Studs: Priceless (hehe)

  1. Love love love it! And how you keep up with your life and blog… I will never know. You amaze me. But don’t stop! I love reading too much!

  2. I think it looks great… And I especially love how you reused the studs, your jacket has a whole other story behind it now!

  3. LOVE IT! What a fantastic idea. I am in the middle of my first diy stud project as well and really enjoying it.

  4. Jen, this is pretty much my fave outfit! Those tights are perfection, the boots are fab, the cutoffs are super fun, and that jacket is SO GREAT! I totally had a belt just like that all through high school and college, so I totally understand the nostalgia.

  5. hahaha tobias!!!

  6. Looks sooo good!
    I like the studding, I do not have the patience to do it myself. It’s kinda sad because I have all these creative abilities but I don’t used half of them because I am lazy lazy lazy. Oh yeah and being a wife is HARD work. Cooking, cleaning, paying attention to the husband, and you have to do all that after a long day of work. I wish I had a butler (for my 950 sq foot apartment).

  7. Everyone has been embellishing their cardigans with studs lately. It seems like the thing to do. So cute though!

  8. Thats awesome! What a cool way to hang on to those memroeis, literally. It’s gorgeous….

  9. This jacket rocks… the studs add a little edge to it, and I bet it feels great to sport them again 🙂

  10. FABULOUS job on the jacket and i love how the studs came from your old belt!!!!!!

  11. LOVE IT!!! pyramid studs totally remind my of my hs/college days, too, so i’m so happy they are back!!!

  12. i still have the studs from my belt in high school, also worn til it ripped through the leather…7 years as well. nice.

  13. hehe I wore mine into college as well. I didnt grow out that stage very fast. This is my 10 year high school reunion year. Yikes!!!

  14. love the studded jacket. great job! i bought a studded belt at target and just haven’t worn it yet. thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Love what you did with the cardi, I think it’s so awesome that you used something you used to love to make something that works for you now!

  16. That’s a perfect use for them! Really jazzes up that jacket. Me likey.

    I also wore a studded belt, but it was during jr. high when I was trying to be cool (I gave up in high school). My favorite one had just one row of studs and I liked it cause everyone else had 2-4 rows and I was being original.

  17. emily f. •

    Ooh! I’m obsessed with studding things! I LOVE the jacket. My next project is studding a pair of pink ballet flats!

  18. I love it!

  19. Oh, I so love this! You’re so creative and no one will have something quite this awesome. 🙂

  20. I like it. I really think it adds some funky vibes to the jacket.

  21. I had a studded belt I wore all the time in high school and college. It wasn’t the three row kind either, it was two rows and they were spaced apart, not right next to eachother like all the hip emo kids’. I still bring it out sometimes. I like that studs are coming back now and aren’t just a niche Hot Topic kind of thing anymore.

  22. I love the studding! Such a great way to personalize it with something sentimental, and add some edge to the girly, or rather girly to the edge? Looks great, Jen!!!

  23. I like it just how it is. Its funky without being over the top.

  24. Great outfit! I love the jacket, tights, shorts, bow, everything!

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