Etsy Shop Update!!!

So the “from the Craft Room” this week is a jenloveskev etsy shop update with 2 necklaces I made. I am totally and utterly in love with them. I want to keep them- I was making so many outfits with them last nights after I finished making them. Everything I put on with them instantly became an awesome outfit.

I feel like the are a good continuation of my brooches, Sort of the same style but in a necklace form. I used lots of old buttons and goodies I have been collecting from antique stores and things over the years. I especially love the colors of each of them. The green in the first one is so bright and vibrant and I just love the texture of the pink stones in the second one. Beautiful!!!

I hope you guys like them too! What do you think?
I only made 2 this week. They are very time consuming and a true labor of love!
You can go check them out in my etsy store HERE.


  1. cute, I like em! However…when are you going to ship out the brooches?
    I’m impatient…tee hee.

  2. I LOVE them!!

  3. LOVE THEM!! Especially the green 🙂 you are so talented!

  4. very cute and playful!

  5. MMMM, that green one is gorgeous!

  6. emily f. •

    Ooh Jen! I love those!

  7. Gorgeous! The green one immediately jumped out at me. What an awesome way to spruce up an outfit as simple as a t-shirt and jeans.

  8. Both are beautiful , my favorite is the green. I am going to look you op on Etsy, I did not know that you make jewelry. I will heart you on Etsy.

  9. Beautiful work! I love the colors and the creativity of your designs!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! These are such stand-outs. Who needs clothes with necklaces like these?!

  11. These are GORGEOUS! I love both, I think the red one is truly stunning too! S.

  12. LOVE them. I’m a sucker for big, chunky jewelry.

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