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So the other week I got an email from my friend Michelle about creating an I’d Wear That for her. Michelle is in her 30’s and lives in Texas with her awesome Husband and beautiful kids. She is going to a wedding in November and wanted some ideas on what to wear. Michelle wrote that she doesn’t like red, didn’t want anything below the knee and wanted it to be season appropriate but still something that was for warmer weather because its Texas. As I started looking around I found these 2 dresses that I thought would look great on her and I couldn’t decide on what one to use- so I ended up using both. Is there one that you like better?


Outfit 1: (Purple Dress)
Dress: Macys $123.99
Shoes: DSW $109.95
Bracelet: Forever 21 $8.80
Earrings: Forever 21 $5.80

Outfit 2: (Ruffle Top)
Dress: Macy’s $89.25
Shoes: DSW $59.95
Jeweled Cuff: Forever 21 $7.80
Earrings: Forever 21 $4.80

P.S. Teacher Style File will be posted later tonight. Maybe around 8pm. Sorry for the late post…

  1. Lee Ann •

    I love the one with the purple top and black skirt.

  2. michelle w •

    YAY its like christmas morning. LOL
    they’re both great jen, i think im leaning a little more to the purple with ruffles – very cute! and the shoes, what can i say? im a sucker for shoes. ha
    thanks for doing this — now to go shopping, my favorite thing 🙂

  3. My vote goes to the strapless purple dress. I think the gray shoes would look great with it. It’s a little more classic, but I just love the bow detail at the top!

  4. I like the purple strapless, the ruffle top looks too business attire to me.

  5. I love the second outfit and it will be less annoying than having to pull up the strapless dress all night (or I at least have this problem with strapless dresses). I love the ring and the shoes, too.

  6. I like the first outfit better, because I think it’s more wedding appropriate. I also love the forever21 flower studs! As for the second outfit, I really love the ruffled blouse but the pencil skirt makes it look like she’s going to work.

  7. I ADORE dress number 2. Although I see Angela’s point about the pencil skirt.

  8. I think the purple on the left is a little more “wedding” as well. Funny enough, I will also be attending a wedding in Texas in November… but am planning on wearing what I call my “2009 wedding dress” as in this is the green dress I wear to all weddings this year.

  9. Jen,
    I personally LOVE the strapless and all the accessories you picked out. I think that would look amazing because classy but has some edge to it. I do like the purple number but I agree with the comment above that it looks businessy. I don’t see that as a dress for a wedding.

  10. I love the strapless purple dress! I think it is perfect for a November wedding… and those shoes with are gorgeous!

    Great finds with both!

  11. like outfit 1, but LOVE outfit 2!!! my love for bows is only trumped by my love for ruffles!!! 😉

  12. I like the first outfit best for the wedding although the second is nice too! Maybe even the first dress with the second pair of heels.

  13. outfit 1 is my choice for a wedding.
    outfit 2 would be my choice for a night out with the hubby

  14. Ooh, I love the one on the left with the gray accessories!

  15. Both are lovely, but I like the ruffle one best. It reminds me of a top you used in a previous I’d Wear That.

  16. look #1 has my vote. i love those shoes!! and the dark purple dress…gorgeous!

  17. The one on the left is indeed more “wedding” than the one on the right. But I love #2’s shoes & cuff! If I had access to those stores I’d totally get them.

  18. I agree with April – both are great outfits but the strapless dress seems more wedding like (vs. sassy work attire) to me. I also am a sucker for plum and gray, what can I say?

  19. I love option #2 for oh so many reasons. A) Who doesn’t love a good ruffle B)I adore the magenta jewel tone for fall (especially in warmer climates) C)It is definitely the more economic choice D) it is sexy yet conservative (less cleavage) E) It is definitely something you can wear again-not just to a wedding (i.e. cocktail party, date night, you could even make it work for the holiday season especially in TX)…I could go on forever about why it is the better choice…it just is! Option #1 is very lovely but Option #2 is obviously superior.

  20. ooooh I am loving everyones opinions on these 2 dresses!! There are good arguments for both dresses!
    Thanks everyone!!

  21. Love the first one.

  22. Switch the dresses & go with outfit two = ROCKIN’ 🙂
    (those shoes are darling, wish I could get them downunder)

  23. I think the first one would be very beautiful at a wedding! It seems a bit more wedding appropriate (without being boring) while the second seems more date night, night with the girls-ish. And if her hair is brown, especially the first one!

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