Teacher Style File 10.20.09

hehe so I guess maybe I am trying to step out of my comfort zone here this week. I dont know? When Kev saw my outfit he just called it “crazy” but I liked it when I put it on. I like jewelry a lot and I have lots but I usually dont wear it- I am pretty basic I feel like when it comes to jewelry. I love pins and headbands but am not to experiemental with necklaces and bracelets. I tried to layer some necklaces today and play with some mixing patterns. I liked the color mix between the tourquoise and the orange strip in my shirt. Hmmm what do you think? I will be honest and say I think the tights and boots are too much. Maybe if I wore plain tights with the boots and just plain flats with the leopard tights…


Buttons Up: Old Navy $6.99
Necklaces: Target and Forever 21
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Target $5
Boots: Forever 21 $36

  1. Jen I read your blog pretty regularly, and your outfits always inspire me with their simplicity but fun textures and patterns, this outfit ROCKs!!! Every bit of it! Even the tights! I esp love the orange stripe w/ those necklaces, I have done that combo before too and got lots of compliments.

  2. i think the necklaces are done beautifully! and you are an art teacher, you can get away with anything!! looks great jen

  3. I really love the layered necklaces!!

  4. Old navy has some cute stuff! And I would have never guessed that you got the necklaces from Target and F21!

  5. I think your outfit looks great! I especially love your bracelet & leopard tights 🙂

  6. I agree that the tights/boots may be a little bit too much, but I really like this one. I am always surprised where you find this stuff- I walk into these stores all the time but it would never occur to me to put these things together. Lovely outfit.

  7. I’ve only been following your blog for a little bit – so maybe you’ve talked about this before – but have your students ever commented on your awesome outfits? Just curious…

  8. I LOVE it and I agree tights or boots 🙂 & I want to steal your cute orange striped shirt and necklace! Is the shirt a recent purchase?

  9. Love the button down, skirt and necklaces. I think i think neutral colored plain or ribbed tights would wourk better with those boots. I love the leopard tights though; maybe you could do a solid sweaterdress with a long necklace and flats with them. I love your blog and am enjoying seeing all of the outfits you put together. Also, since you share where you purchase your pieces, it is nice to see how one can put together amazing outfits on a budget like mine. Thanks so much for this blog! I, too, never would have guessed you got the necklaces from Target and Forever 21; they look pricey! One of my favorite long necklaces that I wear with sweaters and tees is from Target, for 12.99 and I get lods of compliments on it!

  10. I agree that maybe neutral tights would look a little less wild, though I think you pull the look off. Like others have commented, you are an art teacher. I don’t think I could get away with it…I work in accounting. 🙂 But the necklaces are super cute…I really love those! Thanks for sharing your outfits, Jen. They really are inspiring.

  11. Jen, this is a win, for sure! Though I agree with others that MAYBE more neutral tights ma have been better, only because then our eye could truly appreciate the gorgeous necklace layering, and color combos. BTW, I own the bracelet version of that target necklace. I think I prefer it as a necklace! Hahaha

  12. love the necklaces. great outfit.

  13. I love this outfit ! It rocks badly. Where did you get the bracelet? I am in love w it.

  14. This outfit is perfect! I bought a few of those awesome ruffled shirts from Old Navy as well.
    Not sure if I’ve actually posted before on your blog… but I love everything you share. 🙂 Been following for quite a while now.

  15. I adore the necklace combination! And I don’t think the tights are too much. Then again, I love animal print. Fun look!

  16. I am loving everyones insight on the outfit today- thanks guys!!

    The bracelets I got when I was in college and I think I got them at macys?

    and the shirt is from old navy over the summer in the clearance rack. So it may still be there??

  17. love this! totally out there but still amazing! as another teacher i also wonder if you get lots of comments at school from teachers, staff or students?? i would be so jealous if i worked with you everyday. 🙂

  18. i love the shirt/ necklace/ skirt combo – i agree with what someone said – the tights seem to take away a little from how amazing the rest of the outfit is – but i would never be able to pull off leopard tights – so i say go for it!!!

    i also think this outfit would look amazing if you could find blue/green tights the same color as the necklace!!!

  19. wow, i love this! love the different pattern mixing with the stripes and animal print. the jewelry is so cool. i do love the contrast with the turquoise and orange. i love turquoise with red and orange. i would have worn flats just because i am not much of a risk taker, but i think you look great, not crazy.

  20. Fun mix! Your tights are so great.

  21. seriously, we’re wearing the same tights today. You’ll see when i post later on. Weird. Or, not that weird considering target is everywhere. This outfit combines all of my favorite elements : skirts, pink, teal, brown, and leopardprint. perfect and inspiring!

  22. you can wear those tights a your job? that is awesome cuz they are rad.

  23. I have that same skirt and LOVE it! I love the natural waistline, the length, the fact that you can pair it with anything and everything. Which you seem to have done! The necklaces are beautiful (well done)! The tights would be over-the-top for me but I think on you – they look fab.

  24. I think you look great! The layering is amazing and those tights are out of this world. Also, the combination of those two necklaces is gorgeous!

  25. I really like how this turned out. I’m speaking as if I just baked or cake or something, but the mixing and matching is great. Love the turquoise necklace.

  26. i love those necklaces! and i have that skirt too, on sale – woot!!
    i think darker plain boots would look good…maybe black? or dark brown??

  27. Um… maybe with flats. But your necklace mix is super!!!!

  28. i love your necklace and bracelet!

  29. I love everything about this outfit Jen, especially the jewelry. I think you look gorgeous.

  30. This is such a good example of how leopard print can look cute (as apposed to edgy, sexy or tacky)
    I agree the tights might have looked a little better with flats, but you live and learn right!
    Also, love the necklaces.

  31. I love those mixed necklaces!

  32. I love your pretty tops and the way you accessorized with the necklace! And wow those leopard print tights! I wish i was more daring in wearing them! xoxo

  33. i love love that old navy skirt. I think I need to go in there more often. I actually really like this look on you. Way to push your boundaries!

  34. I think the accessories look great with the outfit! I love that top too! such a pretty pink!

  35. I love the tights, I am a big fan of colored and textured and patterned tights. I too have been trying to go out of my comfort zone, and it’s fun! I might work in a slightly conservative field (fundraising) but I’m an artist, so I kind of get away with it.

  36. super cute jewelry!

  37. super cute outfit! loveeeeeeeeee the accessories.

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