Teacher Style File 10.19.09

I never wear lipstick but I thought I would try today. I like chapstick and I say I like lipgloss but it never lasts. Today I thought I would glam up my outfit a bit with some red lipstick and some heavy eyeliner. I think I like it- its just weird to see myself with it on. I do however love this little tweed tunic. I found it in the clearance rack at forever 21 for $6.98 can you believe it? Its just so darn cute!


Tunic: Forever 21 $6.98
Blouse: Vintage (thrifted goodwill hawaii)
Leggings: Macys $20
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70

  1. love this. lovelovelove this. 🙂

  2. adorable. I’m wearing black and white today too 🙂 It’s just an easy teacher outfit for a Monday…have a great start to the week!

  3. I LOVE IT! You look super cute!!

  4. This is such a cute outfit, and it looks great with the lipstick and heavy eyeliner. You are adorable, Jen!

  5. you look so pretty Jen! You kind of look like Drew Barrymore here (who I lOVE). Happy Monday! xox

  6. Love that tunic, and the price is off the hook! I am a big fan of heavy eyeliner and red lips… such a classic combination, and it looks great on you!

  7. the ‘glam look’ totally works for you! you should do it more often…i’m the same way though, very rarely wear lipstick. i prefer nude or natural lips as well!

  8. I love it! You are adorable.

  9. i’m all about the liquid liner right now, so i love this!

  10. um, YEAH! That tunic is a super score! The lipstick looks great, btw. I think it’s the sort of thing that looks weird to yourself, but other people see it and think it looks great (I still can’t bring myself to wear more than lip gloss). Sounds like you had an awesome time in NYC..lucky you!

  11. that tunic is so cute and so are you!

  12. Just wanted to say I love your blog! Great format, great art and great outfits!

  13. such a cute outfit and I love the red lips! Plus the bangs just make it all so mod.

  14. Gorgeous top! I love those pics on your wall too…

  15. That is just the outfit I’m looking for! I’ve got the boots and the leggings. I just need a blouse and a tunic/dress…I think I need to go to Forever 21.

  16. This tunic is just too cute!

  17. Super cute! I love the whole look. I don’t ever wear anything on my lips but chapstick either, but your being adventurous is inspiring. I might have to give it a shot. 🙂

  18. This outfit is so cute! You look amazing!

  19. That is a PRECIOUS tunic!!!!!!!

  20. this look is sooo pretty!! and i love the last pic with you smiling, gorgeous! 🙂

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