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Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I showed up at Kev’s work on Friday afternoon and kidnaped him away to NYC for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. I had booked a hotel in midtown so we could hang out around all the touristy stuff he likes to do. We had the BEST time ever!! Both of us love being out and just experiencing new things and the fact that we could just spend sometime away together was awesome. If you haven’t noticed we are usually very very busy. So any chance to slow down and just enjoy each others company away from everything else is always so fun! I had planned a few things for the weekend but most of it just wanted to see where it would take us. I had booked a NBC studio tour for Saturday at 2:45 and planned at eating at BLT Burger for a birthday dinner because Kev loves it there and that was it -oh and going to B&H Photo for birthday presents.
We got there Friday night, checked into the hotel and then headed out to just walk around. We ended up in Time Square, where we ended up seeing KRISTEN WIIG filming a sketch for SNL which we got to be in the background for one scene. It was awesome!!! We are both huge SNL fans. We watched them for a long time as they filmed different scenes. We then decided we were going to try to get SNL tickets for Saturday. I had heard that if you line up outside NBC they hand out stand by tickets at 7am. We walked by on our way back to the hotel and there were already people camped outside. We got a little depressed because we weren’t going to sleep outside so we thought we didn’t have a chance. Anyways we thought oh well lets still get up early and come down and wait. The alarm went off at 4am and we bundled up and headed down to wait. Some warm tea, hot chocolate and games on the iphone kept us occupied for the 2.5 hours we waited. When they start giving out tickets you get to chose between dress rehearsal or the live show. When it was our turn they had given out 51 dress rehearsal ones already and 52 live show tickets. We decided we would have a better chance to get into the dress rehearsal. Besides we heard its like 30 mins longer and they try more racy jokes out before it gets cut down for the live show. We got ticket number 52 +53. I didn’t have high hopes because that meant 53 people who had actual tickets had to not show up for us to go. It was fun though. We met a bunch of wonderful ladies while we waited.
We went back to the hotel to sleep after that. Then we ate breakfast and then headed out for the day. The NBC studio tour was awesome. We got to watch the cast of SNL practicing for that night. Which was good because we both felt like even if we didn’t get into the taping now it was ok because at least we saw a little.
The rest of the day we just wondered around and hung out all over the city. At 7 we headed back to NBC to line up for the stand by tickets. We got in line with our lady friends from that morning and waited anxiously for them to tell us how many extra people they could take. They took the first 30- eeeek we were so close. I was so nervous- haha I couldn’t believe I was so nervous. We wanted to go so bad! Then they took 10 more. We were off by 1 person. I couldn’t believe it. Then all the sudden they said 10 more. We all jumped up and down and ran up to go thru the metal detector and get on the elevator up to the studio. So fun!!! It was like the best experience ever. Kev was so so excited- I was so happy we got to do it for his birthday. He was like a little kid when they said we could go in- it was very cute! I can not express how much I love being married to this man!


Kristen Wiig filming

Waiting in line at 4 am and our yummy breakfast


I am obsessed with Jamba Juice- Oh hawaii I miss you!



ahhhh M&J Trimmings is heaven to me!!

I finally found a JC Penny with I heart Ronson stuff…
Our SNL Ticket and us leaving after we saw the show!


Mmmm Heartland Brewery and Pumpkin Ale!


  1. aww sounds/looks like you guys had a blast!!! what a super thing to do for kev’s birthday!!!

  2. Those gloves? Those are perfect.

    Glad to hear you had a good time!

  3. WOW! What an amazing birthday for your hubby!
    I’ve been to NYC once and it was for work and lasted 2 days, it was super tiring and depressing because I stayed in the heart of NYC, right beside times square and I wasn’t enjoying myself and missed my man. I made sure to take in as little as possible so that when I go back with my Hubby it seems new again.

  4. AMAZING! What a fun weekend! I am so glad you got in! I have stood in line like that for stuff and it is so intense!! Haha you get so excited just to get in! And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Jamba! I need them to set up a location in colombia asap 🙂

  5. Brittany •

    Aw it looks like you had a great time! May I ask where you got those amazing yellow gloves?!

  6. The gloves are from target!! They have some great ones right now!

  7. what a blast birthday weekend for your husband!! that’s awesome you guys got in – it’s like winning the lottery 😀

  8. So fun! You guys really go all out for birthdays, I love it!

  9. Oooohh so much fun!! I’ve never been to NY, but my husband went there for a month right after 9/11 with the Salvation Army. Wasn’t a very touristy time for him, though (as you can imagine), so he really didn’t experience the “fun” side of the city. I’d LOVE to go for a vacation sometime, though, esp if I had a chance to see SNL! Soo cool!!

  10. i’ve been readin ur blog for a while and i usually don’t leave comments..but this weekend with SNL and everything – just visit nyc is amazing..the pics are great!.. love ur blog, love the fact u teach, (i’m a teacher myself), love ur stories and the way u dress…

    p.s if u wonder why my name is Or is cuz i’m from Israel and in hebrew it means light,

  11. Best weekend/birthday ever. THANK YOU MY SWEET DARLING!

  12. Sounds like good times! I love your little polaroid style photo spread.

  13. omg…i LOVE your yellow gloves!!! wherever did you find them?

  14. Gerard Butler? Jealous! 🙂

  15. ooooh we’re glove sisters! I have the same ones! I’m so jealous of your New York excursion, it looks like you both had so much fun!

  16. last time i was in nyc i went on a tour of the nbc studios on a late saturday afternoon not even THINKING that i’d get to see them practicing for the night’s show. i almost screeched when i saw andy samburg & bill heder on the other side of the glass, as i wasn’t expecting it at all. it was ridiculous, because no one else in my tour group even watched saturday night live, so i was the only one excited. oh well. i didn’t even know they offered stand-by tickets, or i would’ve tried to get one!! i’m so jealous & i’m totally going to attempt to get some next time i’m in the city.

  17. Oh that sounds like such a wonderful weekend! My dad did the NBC tour ages ago when he was visiting friends in NYC, he brought me back Jay Leno’s (auto?)biography as a souvenir.

  18. […] because its Kev’s birthday tomorrow and although I don’t have as an elaborate plan as last year, I do have a great day planned. He is joining me in the 28 years old club tomorrow. Here’s […]

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