Teacher Style File 10.16.09

YAY! Its the weekend!! Today is Kev’s Birthday so I am pretty excited to celebrate. I have a weekend full of plans for us. I can’t really explain because he reads this at work during lunch. (Hi Sweetie!) I’ll let you all know soon enough. I just need to get thru this school day, I just broke up a girl fight at school- crazy!

Here is what I am wearing today. I am feeling a little cowgirl but in a cool way- not in the way the boots I was wearing yesterday make me feel. I have had this plaid shirt since my first year of college. I love it though. I will never get rid of it. Aren’t these Wedge ankle boots awesome!! They have a hidden wedge in them so I am a little taller today which I like. I got them courtesy of Moxsie and 80%/20 because Moxsie was a sponser of the IFB Dress up Soiree. I love them and they are wicked comfy. Its going to be a good day I can feel it (minus girl fight of course!).


Plaid Shirt: Old Navy
Brown Skirt: Banana Republic (hand me down from my sis)
Brown Tights: Target $6
80%20 Boots: Courtesy of Moxsie

  1. Such a great outfit!
    Girl fight… scarey!!!! Good work on breaking it up.

  2. You are so cowgirl chic in this ensemble 🙂 Fantastic boots, and I love the plaid!

  3. I LOVE western shirts with pearl snaps and piping along the seams. If I could wear them everyday I would!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment 🙂 I found you through Young House Love. I guess as a fellow teacher, your girl fight incident made me chuckle (but, in a not-really-funny kind of way)
    Anyways, I love your style! Keep up the entertaining posts and congrats on the marathon!

  5. LOVE the shirt. Crazy how things come back huh? I think the fit it perfect for you too.
    What grade do you teach? Tell me this fight happened in a high school please.

  6. love the shirt, love the skirt, love the boots. you nailed it!!!!!

  7. Those boots are rad. I love plaid!

  8. Hey Jen! Thanks so much for your comment. It has been a rough couple of weeks but I slowly getting back into the swing of things. YES, come to the party and bring friends; the more the merrier! We are so excited.

    I love this look. I think I am headed out tomorrow to find some more tights. I have so many great dresses and skirts that are dying to be worn this winter! And those boots, they rock.

    PS-tell Kev happy birthday from me and Dame!

  9. I love the colors in this outfit! The red and brown is just perfect!!

  10. Oh my! Why does it seem like girls are getting into more and more fights these days? Good job at breaking it up!

    Those shoes are beyond adorable!! And, I don’t think you look like a cowgirl at all, I think you look very chic and sophisticated. Love this outfit!

  11. Love the plaid shirt and boots! Now you make me realized that red and brown actually goes very well together!

  12. Those are fantastic boots.

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