Id Wear That 10.13ish.09

Ok Ok I know this was suppose to be posted on wednesday. Whoops. I’m sorry. My to do list all week has been beyond daunting. Anyways, Ive chipped away at it and well here it is. A few weeks back I got an email from Chelsea who just celebrated a wedding Anniversary where her loving hubby gave her a beautiful strand of pearls. How nice huh? Well her question was how to wear them with out looking too June Cleaver. I was excited to create an I’d wear That for her. I think there is something very classic about a single strand of pearls and see no problem wearing them on their own with a cute little black dress but for a more modern look or something less dressy my opinion is to layer the necklace with lots of other ones. I think that instantly makes them look less June Cleaver. Try different lengths, textures and materials with the necklaces. I would wear the necklaces with a boyfriend blazer or a little bomber jacket like this one. I wouldnt zip up the jacket just leave it open with a classic tee under it.

I'd wearthat10.14.09

Tee: Forever 21 $4.80
Jacket: Forever 21 $32.80
Necklaces: Various places
Jeans: Urban Outfitters $78.00
Over the Knee Boots: Chinese Laundry $78.90 (DSW)

  1. Those boots are my favorite!!

  2. cool those are the exact boots ive been looking for

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