Teacher Style File 10.15.09

Man I am just squeaking this one in huh? its 11pm. Its been a very very busy week for me. I feel like I haven’t stopped going all week. I am very excited for that last bell to ring at 2:30 tomorrow so I can run out of there and get started with the birthday festivities. Tomorrow is Kev’s birthday and I have a whole weekend of just us planned. I can not wait!!

Ok so on to the outfit. This morning I woke up and it was pitch black. I hate that! It was also beyond freezing. I hate hate hate being cold. So I decided today I was just going to wear whatever was warm. My classroom is about 58 degrees so sometimes function takes over fashion. Its not the most fashionable outfit but hey I was warm all day. I think everyone and their mother bought these boots from target when they were on sale. No one bought them when they were full price but when they were $4.98 haha they seemed to go quite fast. Sometimes I wonder why I bought them because I kinda hate them- they are a little over the top for me and I have a hard time finding outfits for them because instantly I feel I become too hippy or too country for my taste. Anyways, they are very warm so check I wore them today. Did you get a brooch in my etsy sale? I made a few extra for myself. I think it really made the whole outfit a little better today…


Sweater: Macys $30
Brooch: A Jenloveskev Creation
Jeans: Old Navy Skinnies $20
Boots: Target $4.98

p.s. hehe I like that you can see Kev taking my picture in the window.

p.s.s I will be posting the I’d Wear that from Wednesday that I didnt get to tomorrow as well as the last style file for the week and some insight to our birthday weekend plans. Have a good nite!

  1. When it’s cold, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. My office can either be 58 or 74. It’s a crap shoot just about every day.

  2. I think the boots look great, not over the top: there’s no embroidery or sparkles or anything – now that would be too country or hippy 🙂 These are more a demure Pocahontas 😉

    I usually have the opposite problem: my office is too hot, even when it’s freezing outside. So I need to dress in layers, because the trips to the kantine and parking lot are ice cold. I always feel stupid sitting in a tshirt behind my desk when it’s snowing outside…

  3. Your jeans are fab…where are they from. I wish wish wish we had a Target in Ontario…specifically Toronto, everyone gets great things for great prices from there.
    The boots are super cute and look great on you. I think its important to sometimes step outta the comfort zone.

  4. The boots look great! And I wish my “non fashionable” outfits looked as good as yours…

  5. I did NOT get a brooch. I’m so, so sad!!! I was determined to get one yesterday, but man they sold out fast!!! Good for you…sad for me!

  6. I’m glad you kept some of the brooches for yourself so we can see how you’d style them! Glad you’re staying warm…

  7. really 58!? i hope that was an exagerration…though in chicago they did cut a/c out of schools to save money…yikes! you have a lot of willpower.

  8. You’re right – the brooch really takes the outfit into “I planned to be this cute, what do you mean the heat is off?”

  9. Love this look – great boots!

  10. I bought these same boots for the cheap cheap price, and actually, I wear them with a ton of stuff because they are just so comfortable! I like to pair them with black shiny leggings (mine are from American Apparel) and either a long cardigan or a cute mini dress : ) The actually look really good with black! I know some people are hesitant to pair brown and black, but I kind of love it!

  11. Haha you can see him taking a picture in the background 😛

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