Etsy Shop Update Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will have my last Etsy shop Brooch update. I will post everything in the morning around 10am, there will be about 15 brooches. This will be my last brooch update for a while. I always like to move on to something else after awhile so if you missed out last time here is your chance. There will be a couple repeats from last week but mostly a handful of new designs. Hope you like them!!!


Oh to stay home everyday and make crafts!!! I would enjoy that!!

  1. figures, i’ll be on a plane tomorrow at 10am. sigh.

  2. so 7 a.m. for us lef-coasters, eh? That sneak peak is delicious!!!!

  3. Move on to something new? Good idea, I applaud you for everything selling so well on Etsy. I wouldn’t give up on the brooches entirely, people obviously love them and lov eyou.
    I wish I could stay home all day and make crafts too!

  4. Oh staying home and making crafts all day would be my dream!

  5. Your brooches are so cute!!!! I wish I had tme to craft. I’m home everyday but with a one year old I have no time.

  6. Thanks! I got on and got one of the broaches and finally purchased the birch tree jpg–I am going to try it out in our new house! Thanks so much for your creativity and inspiration!

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