Over the Weekend- Marathon!!

Yay!!!! I FINISHED!!! That was honestly my biggest fear that I wouldn’t be able to finish, but I did and at a time I am happy with. I will say that running the marathon was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life but it was also such an huge accomplishment. It was so rewarding in the end (I maybe didnt think that on saturday right after but now on monday I can say that!) I really feel like I was given guardian angels along the way that showed up right when I needed someone. I had joined a pace group that was going to finish at 4:30, It was great the first 15 miles went by super fast. I met some awesome girls around my age and we talked and laughed the entire way. It was like nothing I was use to because I trained by myself for this whole thing. It was great. Then I started to hit a wall at 15- I had to drop back and it was really hard and sad because I knew I was leaving my support group but it was something I just had to do.

When I fell back and I was by myself for a bit and the mind games started. I felt like I couldn’t run anymore. I started to walk for a min. I had only been walking like 20 seconds and I heard this guy run up behind my and start clapping and cheering me on like “you got this” “come on you are doing great” this guys name was Tom. Tom instantly became my running buddy and from mile 15-26 helped and cheered me all the way to the end. He had a great personality, joking and laughing even up the hills. It was his 23rd marathon. At mile 20 my next angel came- it was KEV!!!! He jumped in and ran the last 6 with me. He is what got me thru till the end, knowing that he was right next to me to talk to me about random things to keep my mind occupied.

Then at mile 24 I wanted to be done- I was hurting- you really have nothing left at that point, Kev was talking to me about something and suddenly this guy came flying by us, he was sprinting. He didn’t look sweaty or anything, like he just started running. He was wearing a bright red shirt and on the back of his shirt it said LOVE 146!!!! I couldn’t believe it. It was like he came out of no where- just to remind me what this was all about and that I COULD finish this race, I was running for the kids that needed our help. I started crying as soon as I saw his shirt, it totally gave me that extra push to finish it all up.

Kev had to jump out before the end but Tom and me finished together holding hands as they announced our names together over the loud speaker, shorting our last names to Lu and Zu- so they were all cheering “Go Lu and Zu” as we crossed over the finish line. Crossing that finish line is something that I can not express- you are overjoyed, exhausted, excited, in pain, completely uncomfortable and just overcome with emotions. I started bawling as soon as Kev ran up to me to hug me. I couldn’t even contain it- your emotions just take over. My entire body ached- I could hardly walk but I finished my very first marathon and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Thanks to everyone for all the support thru this whole thing and thank you to everyone for donating to LOVE 146. It really means more to me than I can express!!! Dear Kev: Thank you for being so supportive and so proud of me thru this whole training- I could not have done this without you!!!


  1. Chelsea •

    Jen, I am so proud of you…and a bit jealous too! You are a super girl! I even teared up a bit reading about your 26.2 mile journey!! GO YOU!

  2. Hey! I couldnt help it, your post made me cry. I am SO proud of you! And all the things that happen along the way, that was just amazing! That was really great of Kev to run with you, I love Kev. I’m so happy for you that you got to do something like this. It shows a lot of discipline and strength. I can’t imagine what it was actually like for you to do that, i can’t even run to the mailbox and back without wanting to take a nap. I can’t say it enough, I am really proud of you. Here’s a big nerdy High Five! xoxo

  3. Great job Jen!!!!!!!!! I did a marathon w/my dad in ’04, and can’t imagine tackling one alone! Race buddies really help and I know you will only foster fond memories of this race from this point on!

  4. Wow, I am so touched by how hard you worked for your charity. I’m just starting a 5k program but hopefully I can power through it and move on to marathons! What a beautiful journey, so touching to hear of all the great people but remember: you did this! You are awesome and I hope you’re proud of yourself! Go Lu!

  5. Great job! That is awesome!

  6. you are amazing!! even though we have never met I feel pride for you this morning as I read your blog. I’m glad you found your “angels” along the way. Congratulations on finishing. What and accomplishment.

  7. yay!! Congrats!

  8. congratulations! I loved reading about your marathon, it’s so cool that you met so many amazing and supportive people along the way.

  9. congratulations!! that is really an amazing accomplishment, and so wonderful that you were doing the run for a good cause. your post made me get all teary-eyed 😉 ~joelle

  10. What an accomplishment – congratulations!!!

  11. Yes! You did it! Congratulations to you <3

  12. Congrats! Props to you for finishing! That’s an amazing accomplishment!

    P.S. Your running buddy looks a little like Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell.

  13. I just started reading your blog last week and I love your style/humor/stories. I don’t know you from Adam but I am so proud of you for finishing your marathon. I’ve never done any race, to be honest I only run when being chased, however I have immense respect for those who do. So congrats!!

  14. Wow Congrats! I admire people who run marathons because that’s a dedication to pain that I just don’t have. Haha.

  15. What an awesome accomplishment! Well done.

  16. amazing!! and you still look gorgeous after 26 miles! You should be soo proud of yourself for completing your first marathon! You’re inspired me to run one as well!! xoxo

  17. Congratulations! I can’t ever picture myself running a marathon, but you make me want to. I’m so glad to read that this post made so many other people tear up too. I thought I was just a sentimental loser.

  18. Good grief–thanks for making me tear up at work! I don’t even KNOW you outside of this blog and I’m proud of you 🙂 That’s so awesome, Jen!

  19. Congrats, Jen! What an accomplishment!!


    Hope you have lots of nights filled with baths and wine now… much deserved!

  21. wow, jen. i got choked up reading this. the only experience i can relate it to is childbirth! ha. but, seriously, wow. how awesome that God brought those people to you right when you needed them. i bet you feel like you can do ANYTHING now!

  22. melissa •

    Good girl! your blog entry brought me to tears. HEAR YOU ROAR!

  23. Congratulations, that is awesome!!

  24. ooooh congratulations! that is SUCH a great story–I got a little weepy reading it! 🙂 you’re so awesome.

  25. What a great story/experience/triumph!! I love how all those things kept happening to keep you motivated along the way. And the fact that you set out to do this on your own, but in the end you really weren’t alone. I love it. Congratulations on such a huge achievement! I hope you do something nice for your tootsies. 🙂

  26. Congratulations!! That’s so awesome– you should be SO proud of yourself!

  27. That is amazing!!! I’ll be honest, I was tearing up a little (maybe more than a little) reading your post…. 26 miles, somthing I can’t really wrap my head around…

  28. 😀 yay! such an inspiration!!

  29. Well done! What a truly awesome effort, you should be very proud.

  30. Congratulations, you did it!

  31. Congratulations! what an amazing achievement! Well done you!

  32. You are a true inspiration! Congrats you are magnificent and should be so proud of yourself!!

  33. So inspiring! Way to go! I hope the soreness is wearing off by now 🙂

  34. CONGRATS!!!! What an accomplishment!

  35. LaurenM •

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but havn’t commented yet, but I needed to say congratulations! I started reading your blog for the fashion, but I was excited to see you are a runner. I started taking running seriously about 4 months ago and have done a few short races, but hope to eventually run a marathon. So I just wanted to say that you are so inspiring to me!

    P.S.- Arn’t runners the best? My dad, who has done two marathons, including Boston, and will be doing a third in November, always meets the best people while running that are helpful and encouraging.

  36. Congratulations! I can’t even imagine how you feel, but I am so, so excited for you! And yay for Kev and Tom! :0)

  37. Laura Blackstone •

    I’m not going to lie. I cried reading this. I’m so proud of you Jen! You did it!

  38. Congratulations Jen, this is (and you are) really great, and what a wonderful post to read. Your dedication is an inspiration, even to non-runners like myself. My hat’s off to you Lu!

  39. Ah! I’m so happy for you… just doing a half marathon I was so emotional, I can just imagine what 26 miles does to you! but all the little things of inspiration and encouragement you found along the race is so wonderful, and was so great to read about. Definitely inspiring! Congratulations!!

  40. Great accomplishment! I am happy for ya! You deserved a good rest now.

  41. what an amazing accomplishment Jen! very inspiring. your story got me choked up!

  42. Hi Jen! I am a little late in posting this, but I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your marathon! You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Being a designer, lover of fashion, and a [beginning] runner, I look to up to you as a great source of motivation and encouragement. I am so happy for you and everything that you have achieved.

  43. Wow!! Great job! Glad you had such awesome race buddies!!

  44. Congratulations!! Awesome job… the best part is you even looked stylish before and after… amazing… ha!!! Seriously though, you ran for a great cause and should be very proud of your accomplishment!! Cheers to you! 🙂

  45. Jen! You totally made me tear up! Congratulations – I’m so happy for you!!!

  46. Jen – from all of us at Love146 and on behalf of the children we serve THANK YOU!! We are so encouraged by your efforts. Steve Martin, Dir of Operations. Love146

  47. Hi Jen,

    Congratulations!!! It’s so great to hear about your race. I have mine this Sunday and it is great to hear your story. I know exactly what you mean about mile 24, I had the same feeling myself last year. And I always thought the extra .2 mi wouldn’t be that hard…. boy was I wrong! I’m also glad you found Tom, he sounds like he was exactly what you needed at that moment. I can’t imagine doing a full marathon alone, so I’m glad you had the encouragement and company.

    I hope your legs are recovering by now pretty well. I’ll be walking like an old lady next week myself.


  48. congrats on your marathon! i just did my first half marathon in phiily in september, and now i’m itching to do a full!

    [on a totally unrelated note, i’m originally from upstate new york [glens falls] so i love reading your blog and reading about places and events that i’m familiar with :)]

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  51. Yeah, I gotta admit, I teared up too! Glad I’m not the only one. You are one brave, courageous, and awesome woman!!! Can’t wait to read that birth story, too!

  52. I read from beginning to end, and I can’t help feeling excited and feel the emotion you could live in those moments, as you describe it so clearly. I certainly hope soon to write also my experience from running a marathon.

    Thanks I loved this post 😀

  53. Loved this marathon recap! I’m really looking forward to doing mine and feeling that accomplishment!


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