Teacher Style File 10.08.09

Hey all! Are you excited its Friday? I sure am!!! I found this dress at the goodwill the other week and I instantly fell in love with it. I love the colors, the pattern, and that is has shoulder pads! I def. hemmed it up to make it a little more young and modern- it was past my knees. haha it was not attractive. Kev calls it my grandma dress but I’ve been wearing it with my boots, a black belt and lately because it is chilli my leather bomber I feel like its a great mix of old and new.


Dress: Goodwill $5
Belt: Ny&co.
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70
Headband: Forever 21

  1. Beneath the knee it would be a bit “Hyacint Bucket” from Keeping up Appearances, but this works, it’s cute!

  2. Hahaha! Hyacinth Bucket! Too funny.

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