The New Brooches are Here!

So my etsy shop has been updated with all the new brooches. I am really happy with them and kind of don’t want to part with them-hehe jk. Each one is unique and made with love and care, so I hope you enjoy them! I collect lots of vintage fabrics and buttons from goodwills, the recycling center (holden, MA) and savers so I used a lot of them here. I love the mix of the fabric with the fall warmness of the felt. Enjoy!

Go Check ‘Em out!!
Here are just a few…

  1. aw man!!! i had to teach from 8 to 12 and just got to my office and the pretty light pink one is already gone! :(*** sniff sniff! I should have told my students I had to take care of an urgent matter and ran away to order it! lovely work as usual jen lula!

  2. So pretty! I love the yellow one…the feathers are super cute.

  3. Are you kidding me! There are NO brooches left in your shop!

  4. You do lovely work, Jen.

  5. So cute! The blue is my fave.

  6. […] Jen just updated her shop with these lovely new brooches. Also check out her etsy shop for her designs on sale. […]

  7. The top one in pink is my favorite. Love the pairing with the stripes.

  8. I can’t believe that all of the brooches sold out before I even got there!

  9. I dont know how i missed this. I guess i gotta be checking your blog more than once a day! I want that zipper one! boo. Oh well, I’m so happy for you that your shop is doing well! Can’t wait to see you xoxo!

  10. I hope you make more of the second brooches! they’re irresistible!!

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