Teacher Style File 10.07.09

I love mornings where you get up have no idea what you are going to wear and then something magical happens- You effortessly find an outfit that you have never worn before and you just love how it all works together. That was this outfit. I got this polka dot shirt at the goodwill such a long time ago but have never really found an outfit to wear it with. I also got this flat studded belt for free one time when I bought a pair of Levi’s at some store at crossgates mall. I dont ever where studded belts so when they said you get one free I almost didnt even get one but then I saw this flat studded belt and thought hmm maybe I would wear that sometime. Anyways I love this belt! I wore it backwards so the band at the front was all the flat studs. I love it!


I dont know if I am laughing or sneezing in that last one?

Polka Dot Top: Goodwill $3
Flat Studded Belt: Free from Against all Odds
Navy Pencil Skirt: Thrifted $4ish
Peep Toes: Thrifted in Hawaii
Silver Cuff: gift from a very special lady

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*NOTE: Remember to check back this evening for a preview of tomorrows etsy shop update!! yippie!!

  1. geez! i love that feeling too 🙂 it’s like the clothing gods send you gift! love the belt.

  2. That last picture is nothing short of adorable. I love the color palette in this outfit!

  3. your outfits lately have been perfection! I love this and it is absolutely something that I’m going to copy in the near future!

  4. I love the combination of the outfit! The polka dot shirt is so feminine that I love the contrast between that and the studded belt. Well done!

  5. Bethany •

    The cuff and belt with that skirt is oh so Wonder Woman. Love.It. 🙂

  6. Navy and yellow were made for each other. This outfit is cuuute.

  7. aw love the top and the belt! you are too cute!

  8. I know what you mean – I just wish it happened every day. I love th emix of the navy and yellow too.

  9. Oh man. What a great combo! Honestly, though, if I saw that shirt hanging on the rack I’d never think to pick it up. But with this outfit it’s perfect! Makes me think twice about shopping for tops!

  10. I love it when I have good fashion mojo & you’re right, it is like magic. On the flip side, I hate having ‘bad fashion weeks’ when nothing works. It’s like having a bad hair day but you feel crumby head-to-toe.

  11. Wow thats a super cheap (and stylish) outfit!
    Blue and yellow go so well together, but I always steer clear of them because they were my school colours and the colours of the local rugby team! Maybe now I’ve grown up and moved away I can pair blue and yellow again!

  12. We seriously must be on the same wavelength because I haven’t worn my studded belt in ages and totally wore it today to school. I laughed out loud when I saw your post and your studded belt. Great minds think a like! Love your look!


  13. This is an adorable outfit! I love how you paired everything together. :0)

  14. this outfit is great.
    i just found your blog and love it! totally added it to my google reader and became a twitter follower!

  15. Navy and yellow are great…add polka dots and it is PERFECTION!! Lookin good as usual!

  16. I love those mornings! I also wanted to tell you I love your blog – esp the recipes since I’m also a vegetarian & your V8 vegetable soup idea was genius.

  17. i wore a creepily similar outfit yesterday.


    weird, huh?

  18. Wow, love that blouse! What a fantastic Goodwill find.

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