Teacher Style File 10.06.09

Hey there! On Professional Development days or as kev refers to them “days I hope to become a professional” I can wear whatever. I dont need to dress up. There are no kids, and its just sitting around in meetings all day so its a day to be comfy and well just make it thru. This was my version of a sweatshirt day. I am not a person that wears whatever on those days. I still want to look presentable and well nice. This shirt from old navy is techniqually a sweatshirt. Its made from the same material but its cute and a little more stylish. I added one of the new pins I have been working on to it and I think it was an overall great outfit.


Sweatshirt: Old Navy $4.99
White Tank: Old Navy $5
Black Skinny Jeans: UO
Flats: Target
Pin: A Jenloveskev Creation (avail. 10/8) $13

P.S This thursday there will be a major Etsy shop update with a handful of brooches and headbands I have been working on. There will be a little sneak preview on wednesday but full pictures and available in my etsy shop on Thursday. Each piece is unique so there will only be 1 of each. If I do say so myself- They are adorable and the perfect accessory for fall on your blazer or cardigan. I am working on some right now with feathers!!!

  1. i have that shirt! it’s one of my favorites… i actually just wore it yesterday.

  2. I’ll have to look at your Etsy shop, cause all my flower pins are bulky and will get all squished if I wear a coat… Yours are flatter and very very cute!!

  3. This is a gorgeous look! I love that you take your pictures in places that totally compliment the colors and styles of your outfits! Awesome pin, too! Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment on my post; it’s wonderful to be a part of such a supportive community.

  4. Love the shirt! And of course the brooch….

  5. You look adorable!!! I love this picture of you too… the red walls and black checker tile behind you are the best background for this outfit. And I can’t believe that is a sweatshirt… it is so cute and perfect with the broach. Love it!

  6. very cute look, and I love the pin!!! ps. I’m super jealous of that room..the tile and wall color are both amazing!!!!!

  7. Since when do I say “day’s I hope to become a professional”? Haha! I don’t recall that at all… Anyway – the bathroom is the best location in the world for this outfit – it matches perfectly! So glad I thought of it. HA

  8. You do to say that! You told me that when I was walking out the door the other day and I was laughing cause I thought it was so funny. Man you dont even remember your own jokes….

  9. i have that same shirt in b&w…i think i’ll have to copy this look and buy one of your pins to go on it!!! 😉

  10. yay! so excited for your etsy update! those brooches are awesome and so adorably cute!

  11. love the sweatshirt/top. it looks so cute! excited to see your etsy stuff! xox

  12. Love that brooch! Too cute!

  13. I love that shirt! It’s adorable and looks so comfy 🙂

  14. I cant wait to see what you put in your shop. I love that new brooch!

  15. Darling brooch! I love comfy yet chic outfits. Well done.

  16. Great match for the brooch with the top. Simple and yet very chic!

  17. i am in love with that pin!! so very cute! i will be checking out your esty shop tomorrow! 🙂

  18. Oh this is great! I too am not one to “dress down” on dress down days. I have this sweatshirty top too but in black and white and you reminded me I haven’t worn in awhile.
    Great look and I look forward to the shop update!

  19. Christine •

    So cute!! I love the red top and brooch–colorful, a bit unexpected, but still gives great structure to the outfit. Love it!

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