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So here is my oufit from our dinner date the other night. The coat is a hand-me down and I couldnt be happier. Its pretty sweet. I also really love the neckline of this dress- its like a statement necklace except without the necklace.
p.s Having freshly painted nails is a good feeling (don’t my mind short nails- I am not a long nail person. I just can’t do it).

Trench: Hand-me down but its from Old Navy
Dress: Forever 21 $25
Vintage peep toes: Thrift store in Hawaii
Flower Ring: Forever 21 $4ish dollars
Nail Polish: Chanel Jade $27

  1. oh i miss that gully! And of course you too. I’m going to email you. Hope u have a great day, even though yeah, idk if happy monday exists.

  2. i’m a short-nails kind of girl, too. love the mint green…i finally found the perfect gray (not silver-y at all) polish, so i’ve decided to treat myself to a manicure every other week this winter. i cook so much that it’s hard for me to keep polished nails, but i think it’s a good excuse to get the hubby to do dishes!!! lol

  3. What a great trench… looks like it was made for you! And the neckline of that dress is fabulous… just put it on and you’re ready to go! Easy peasy. And finally, you win most creative photo shoot location of the day in my opinion… love that you’re not only on your bed, but with shoes on! So unexpected, and the shots are beautiful, as always.

  4. OOOh you look so beautiful, it looks like the first picture came out of a magazine, I love everything about the outfit you are wearing.Love the nailpolish, I love my nails short too.

  5. Neither i am a long nails girl!!I love that nail polish color!The trench is very smart and cute, did i understood that you have made it??You have a lovely blog!!

  6. Your outfit looks great. I love your trench coat.
    Thank goodness autumn is finally here!

  7. That coat is so fantastic! I love that color on your nails too– I’m always looking to try out new, more unusual tones and this is so great! Definitely on my list of new colors to try 🙂

  8. LOVING that nail color! And I’m with you, love short nails, I can’t stand them when they have more than a sliver of white showing.

  9. i love having short nails! i text faster, i don’t scratch myself, and i can take my contacts out without losing an eyeball. and darker colors looks better on short nails than long, on me anyway.
    If you’ve ever seen adventureland, Margarita Levieva plays Lisa P and she has insanely long red nails. It’s a good example of good nails gone bad.

  10. aw great nails! I have short nails too. It’s just too much work to grow them out. Love your room and the outfit! xox

  11. Amazing outfit!! I love the trench coat and that dress is extraordinairy! Cute pics on the bed too!

  12. Personally I think short nails are more chic (and practical). I just polished mine too for a wedding on Saturday. Your kitty is so adorable! I miss mine. I pay kitty-support to my parents because my cat is old and I don’t want to move her to a new place that she doesn’t know.

  13. LOVE that dress…can you give us the deets? thx!

  14. I love that shade of nail polish!

  15. whoops- the details are up there now!

    Shorter nails are easier to work with. I’ll say I keep them short because i’m an art teacher but even if I wasnt I dont think I could stand them getting long.

    I loved adventure land!

    haha it was def.kevs idea to do the shoot on the bed. There is a board under the cover so I can stand and not sink way down. Now you know our secret!!

  16. You look great Jen! That is the exact ring that I wore for my wedding!!!

  17. So cute! And you have great legs, girl!

  18. i always have short nails too! i think they look cute! 🙂 and i like the big ring!

  19. This outfit is pretty close to perfection, lady! From the nails to the trench to the statement necklace to the fabric on the dress…totally marv.

  20. The bed shoot is so fun! Love the nails with the neutral coloured outfit!

    I always have short nails too. I’m just like a little kid, always with dirt under my nails. I have no idea where it comes from?? Plus I can’t even go half a day without shipping my polish. Sigh!

  21. cute nails!

  22. Ooh, you got the Chanel polish – I heard the jade was a limited edition and only available in certain stores? I’m trying to get my hands on one of these can you tell me where you got yours?
    Really like the outfit too, I’ve got a similar trench from Zara. The peeptoes make the outfit!

  23. michelle w •

    just keep on posting jen and dont change a thing. personally i love to see what you’re gonna put together every day – and you have inspired some of my outfits/pieces… so keep posting them!!

  24. @kim I have tried to email you back a couple times but your email always bounces back. Anyways the nail polish is from the chanel online store. I ordered it the other day. I hear that it is sold out but I had no idea and I had no troubles so I dont know? Good luck though…

  25. Love that Chanel colour…is that the same one Jessica Shroder was going on about?

  26. i love, love, LOVE this outfit!!! great job!!

  27. your outfit is so pretty!

  28. I’m intrigued by the setting in your wedding ring. What might it be?

  29. This outfit is amazing!

  30. Chris •

    I adore the look of very short painted nails…especially on chubby hands.
    I seek pics of anyone who have hands like this. I want to make a ‘cute plump hand collage’

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