Teacher Style File 10.01.09

Its October!!! Crazy!
When I wore this to school I actually wore darker more opaque tights so it didnt seem like so much leg. I do think tweed/wool shorts with tights is ok for school. I dont think I would wear them in the summer or anything with out tights but to me it just seems different with them. I got this blazer the other day at Savers. I was so excited. Its this heavy wool and with huge shoulders. I love it to death. I think I will end up wearing it all the time in the winter. I wore it to Boston the other night as well (pictures to come later). Its so perfect!


Pirate wanted a glamour shot as well…


Blazer: Savers $7
Leopard Blouse: Forever 21
Wool Shorts: H&M $25
Booties: TJ Maxx $25

  1. I love this look! I want a pair of wool shorts to be able to wear them with tights and booties – I think you nailed this!


  2. I like your blouse, and your cat is very cute 🙂

  3. i love the combination of the tights, shorts and blazer. i think it’s a perfect fall-transition outfit. and i love the leopard blouse!! -noel

  4. I love the shorts! And Pirate is such a pretty kitty 🙂

  5. I am so in love with this look- I can’t even tell you! Amazing… as always!

  6. Love shorts with tights. I featured a similar outfit on my outfit blog. Cute kitty too!

  7. Meow. I love this. I just recently became a shorts addict & I was sad that fall was coming & that I had to stop wearing them, but alas you’ve inspired me.

    BTW, Forever21 has 3 packs of tights for $5. I snagged some in dark gray & black. If you’re like me, you go through several pairs during the colder months.

  8. Sarah Perez •

    You are working that outfit girl! Looks great!

  9. Oh, Savers– I haven’t been there in forever! That fabulous blazer is definitely reminding my why I love it so 🙂 Love the tights & tweed combo.

  10. Ooh, Pirate is adorable! And so is the outfit, of course.

  11. beautiful outfit! Beautiful cat!

  12. YES! I love the look, and you rock it with those well-toned marathoner’s legs. No need for darker tights!

    Okay, enough teasing… what happened with the house offer? Are you guys going to be moving on?

  13. I love the shoulders of the blazer! This whole outfit is just fantastic.

  14. Oh mrs. r you’re so risque’. I don’t think so at all! I mean, what’s the diff than if you wore a skirt with tights. I like the outfit. If the boy students get a little excited that’s not your fault. The girls might be a little turned on too – but probably more because of those beautiful shoes! xoxo

  15. I really LOVE this outfit, think I’m going to venture out and search for some tweed later today!! Do all of your students think you are just the coolest thing around? If any of my teachers had your style… I know I would!

  16. this is a great look! i’m really in love with the leopard blouse. and you look great in the shorts/tights combo.

  17. That whole outfit is perfect and Pirate really knows how to work his angles.

  18. This is such a great outfit!! I really adore the puffy sleeves of the jacket!

  19. Super cute outfit & kitty!

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