Boston Fashion Week

So here are some pictures from the other night. We started at the Madewell store on newbury street. They had a dj, photobooth, free drinks, and the most amazing appetizers. Mmmmm! I was starving so I tired lots. haha Maybe not ladylike but who ever said I was right? Hunger always wins. We hung out there for a while drooling overing their super cozy scarfs and beautiful boots. We meet some of Punky’s friends there as well.

As we were leaving I got a call from our realtor telling me we got an offer on our house. The next 30 mins were a blur as I tried to get ahold of kev, talked to our realtor, tried to figure out a counter offer and freaked out at the realty of moving and selling our house. I was in this state all while we left Madewell, hailed a cab, took the cab over to the Liberty hotel, checked in for the fashion show, got our seats, got a drink, and then I think I finally settled down. haha. I was a bit of a mess for 30 mins. But I just have to say the liberty hotel is the most amazing place ever. Its gorgeous in there. It use to be an old jail so its so unique. The Sam Mendoza show was good. Nothing I would wear but I can totally respect someones creativity when I see it. Here are some pictures from the night (all pictures were taken by Punky)…

At Madewell


Aren’t these cute burgers?- they were bite size. If I ate meat I would have tried one for sure!

The Liberty Hotel

when you get to know me you find that as I get tired the amount of things that make me laugh rises drastically. Getting our car was very funny to me. haha We had a really good night!


Me and my shoes were not friends at this point…


  1. Howdy!
    I follow you on twitter and saw you tweet there was boston fashion week but I don’t think you saw mine reply. I had NO IDEA we had a fashion week! Looks like you had a blast and you look fantastic.
    -fellow boston gal.

  2. LOVE the Liberty. Alibi is one of my new favorite bars, they never allow it to get super crowded and it’s totally chill.

    Keep us posted on the house!

  3. Is that headband from F21? I have a similar one from there and I have yet to wear it, sadly. I keep forgetting when the outfit would be perfect! You look great

  4. i shot a wedding at the liberty hotel, isn’t it amazing?!?!?!?!


  5. Neat! That hotel is really cool. Looks like so much fun!

  6. Alibi is a lot of fun — they have a great list of wines by the glass! I’ve never been to Clink, but want to try it… maybe during Restaurant week this winter.

  7. I like the glittery shirt, where’s that from?

  8. Oh, man. I wish I would’ve gotten the details on that Madewell event! Love that store and BFW, too. I actually went to the kickoff party at The Beehive…

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