Weardrobe Interview

Are you on Weardrobe?

If your not then you should and if you are did you see my blog as one of the banners on the front page ? Crazy huh? There are a few banners up so if mine didnt show up you can refresh the webpage until you see it- if you want of course. I was pretty excited!!! Suzanne from weardobe emailed me last week asking if I would like to do an interview for them and since I love weardrobe I was more than excited too!!
You can go read the whole interview HERE (click there)


I had a very exciting week last week!! First with glamour, then the weardobe interview and then I got asked by Grace from Design Sponge if my bedroom pictures could be used in the Design Sponge book that is being made. I had one more thing happen that I am super excited about but I cant yet talk about it but soon I will share.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!! The sun is out here and its a gorgeous fall day!! I am loving it!

  1. Congrats! You have a wonderful sense of style, and your bedroom makeover was fab. In fact, it’s how I found your blog in the first place. 🙂

  2. Your bedroom is what led me to your awesome blog as well! Congrats on all the super amazing stuff that has been happening lately! How exciting!!!

  3. That’s because you are sweet, pretty, a good dresser, have fabulous taste and are a good person. Alot of people read you blog, and thus they should.
    You blog is also very beautifully presented…I am jelous of it actually.
    You deserve it all.

  4. Congrats, Jen! Great job on the interview!

  5. That’s super! I’m glad you are getting mad-kudos from the blogging world. Like others said, your bedroom on Design Sponge is what led me here & I’ve been enjoying your posts since.

  6. so much excitement! yay & congrats!

  7. Whoah, congrats! So exciting!

  8. Great news! Congratulations on the Design Sponge book

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